2024 National Education Work Deployment Conference was held

  On April 26, the National Education Work Deployment Association was held in Guiyang in 2024.The meeting thoroughly studied and implemented the General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership of the Supreme Leadership and the important exposition of the awareness of the establishment of the Chinese nation community, focusing on promoting the high -quality development of national education, summarizing and exchanging experience, and studying and deploying key work in 2024.Weng Tiehui, a member of the party group and deputy minister of the Ministry of Education, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

  The meeting pointed out that to do a good job of national education, we must adhere to the correct direction, and to build a solid awareness of the Chinese nation community as the main line.The focus of the Chinese -style modernization is effective.

  The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to fully implement the fundamental tasks of Lide Shushu, strengthen the implementation of the national general language education and teaching, promote the same resonance of ideological and political courses and curriculum ideas, and give full play to the function of “big classrooms” in society.Exchange and strengthen the theory of the theory of community of the Chinese nation, build a consciousness of the Chinese nation’s community of teachers and students from all ethnic groups, and firmly establish the concept of community concepts of rest, honor and disgrace, common, life and death, and fate.

  The meeting requested that it is necessary to comprehensively improve the education level of ethnic areas, vigorously improve the ability and quality of teachers, in -depth implementation of the strategy of digital education, do a good job in the training of special talents in ethnic areas, improve the comprehensive support of education counterpart support, promote the shortcomings of education in ethnic areas, forging long boards, forging long boardsRealize high -quality development.

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