8 kinds of exercise, please take it well, sometimes do more

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8 kinds of exercise, please take it well, sometimes do more

Modern people are too simple to stay up late. Staying up late is simple kidney deficiency. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney is the foundation of innate, and the kidneys are stronger and stronger. The physical deficiency will induce a variety of diseases. Therefore, Simple and convenient and nourishing the kidney.

1. Take the cat step

First of all, you must stand well, relax all your heart, and look in a straight line in a shape of your feet.Write your left foot, after the toes are on the ground, the heels slowly fall, move your body’s center of gravity forward after setting your left foot, and then change the other foot to do the same movement.After walking, the cat step can bring a benign massage to the perineum, which can open up the kidney meridian and maintain the health of the kidneys.

2. Kick 毽 毽

Kicking is a good fitness activity. It can accelerate the new speed of innovation, promote blood circulation of the whole body, and can fill the kidney qi and improve the function of the kidneys together.The benefits of kicking are not only the same, but also can improve varicose veins and veinitis, and avoid presented hemorrhoids and thrombosis.However, you cannot kick the cricket before and after meals to avoid affecting food digestion or bringing gastrointestinal discomfort.Choose a cool environment when kicking the cricket. The venue should not be too hard, and it should not be too soft. The moment of kicking the puppet can be controlled within 15 minutes.

3. Tip of the tiptoe

Frequent tiptoe can make the foot Shaoyin kidney meridian more smooth, and achieve the effect of protecting the kidney essence and nourishing kidney qi.In addition, the tiptoe can also make the kidney essence more unintelligically, accelerate qi and blood activity, so that the heels can be nourished, and the pain can be relieved.

4. Running

Running is a simple and easy aerobic exercise, which will not be limited by time and venue equipment.Frequent running can improve blood circulation of the whole body and achieve a strong aphrodisiac effect.In addition, running can also accelerate the new speed, promote blood circulation, and make up for the kidneys to make up for sufficient blood.

5. Sit up right

Choose a higher chair to ensure that you can’t get the ground.Do your head up and hold your chest and abdomen, and slowly turn your body back and forth, and follow the tremor back and forth. This can improve the blood circulation of the whole body, especially the waist, which can make up for the essence of the kidneys.Changing the number of waists when sitting on the end cannot be less than 15 times, which can achieve the effect of nourishing the kidney and kidney.

6. Playing Tai Chi

Too Taijiquan is a mild aerobic movement that allows the waist to move slowly, add waist qi and blood circulation to help make up for kidney qi.However, it is necessary to control the time of playing Tai Chi according to your own situation.

7. Squat

Perseverance of squats can be trained in the strength of the waist and legs, accelerate the blood circulation around the kidneys, and train the kidney function.Squats can also accelerate the blood circulation of the lower body, promote kidney filtration speed, and can also discharge metabolic waste and toxins in the body through urine.

8. Sitting on your back

Perseverance to sit -ups can enhance the muscle strength of the waist and abdomen, and together it can also enhance the ability of kidney secretion of metabolic waste, accelerate the secretion of lactic acid and fat metabolic substances, maintain the stability of the body’s environment, and achieve the effect of protecting the kidney.

In addition to maintaining the kidneys, it is also necessary to develop outstanding living habits.Avoid taking medicines, some painkillers, Chinese herbal medicines, or cold medicines will bring a certain toxic effect to the kidneys, so the medicine must be used strictly according to the doctor.Arrange three meals a day, do not overeating, control salt and protein intake to avoid exacerbating kidney burden.Drink plenty of water to urinate, do not urinate, and control blood pressure and blood sugar.Try to do urine and blood creatinine and urea nitrogen every 6 months.

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