AI Revolution: Comprehensive transformation from business operation to education model

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fromChat GPTIn Sora, the development speed of AI is staggering, and it has also brought changes and development to all walks of life.At present, many companies have applied AI to production and operation, and have achieved certain results.This also allows people to see the broad prospects of AI applications. AI is being tooling. It has brought an efficient leap -up improvement. The reshaping effect of the industry’s competitive pattern cannot be underestimated.AI is penetrating all areas of our lives, work, and study. What are the development opportunities hidden?

On the evening of April 12th, the founder Lin Jie and the founder of the whale and thoughts, Liang Yan, the founder of watching Shan Technology, Liang Yan brought in the development of the industry, and what the trend of future education would have in -depth dialogue to explore the AI era.How should the lower enterprises and individuals follow the trend development and drive education innovation.

Beijing Kanshan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is a videos provider in the field of basic education. It is a national high -tech enterprise.In the B2B model of Shan Technology, it is usually impossible to contact the end users directly, but instead contact the market through buyers.This indirect contact leads to a large difference between the feedback of the buyer and the actual experience of the end user.Therefore, the development of the products and services of Shan Technology is more about the needs of buyers, and iteration updates based on the feedback from end users are a longer process.

The current business environment requires enterprises to accelerate their response. In this rapid change, not only does AI technology accelerate, but the business model has also forced enterprises to quickly adapt to this change.For example, if there is a problem with the design of teaching content, it may lead to an increase in students’ refund rate, so it must be very cautious when dealing with teaching and content products.From another perspective, watching Shan Technology, as a team focusing on B2B, is facing a significant shortcoming of conversion traffic and user operation experience. It is quite challenging to solve this problem in a short time.Therefore, watching Shan Technology has adopted an open cooperation strategy, and is currently discussing cooperation with several large curriculum platforms.Once the cooperation is reached, its AI children’s art courses are about to be launched on these platforms. With the help of these platforms, the user’s operating experience accumulated in the past five to ten years will improve the quality of service.

When referring to the changes in the AI in the education industry, Liang Yan believes that the role model in education has changed. Teachers are now not just those who teach knowledge, but to act as teachers, partners and tools.The focus of teaching is more about the cultivation of students’ thinking.

Therefore, watching Shan Technology opened a new track, committed to cultivating children’s comprehensive thinking ability and AI ability.Children show their inner thoughts through painting. Their imagination is often amazing and far exceeds adults.The AI art class is the same as other courses. The purpose is to let children master AI tools and learn to express and output creativity.Watching Shan Technology provides a 100 -record broadcast course, which covers a variety of art schools and works.Although many people think that in the AI era, traditional knowledge is no longer so important, basic knowledge is the foundation of education, and the AI courses only call and apply these knowledge in different ways.Seeing Shan Technology’s courses have been carried out for half a year, divided into six modules, including learning how to observe and express the environment, focus on the observation and expression of life, encourage students to explore and express their own culture, introduce different painting materials, Western art andOriental art, including ink, porcelain and paper -cutting.Each creative process is an opportunity for in -depth expression.Watching Shan Technology uses AI to interact with children to help them grow throughout the entire learning process.

Regarding the experience feedback from the children’s courses and children, Liang Yan believes, “If you describe this course in one sentence, it is to teach children to use AI to create art works. We deliberately avoid mentioning ‘art’ directly, because the content of the course can cover the contentFrom sculpture to doll design and other forms. We have an example. A child first drew Princess Aisha and later painted a strange scene.The creativity developed with the help of AI tools. They began to use these tools to express their ideas and create new art works through reorganization of elements in their heads. “

In the future, watching Shan Technology will continue to focus on deepening the understanding of AI and the changes in the field of AI to the field of education, and strive to optimize teaching and research and teaching.In the field of education, AI will have a broader application with the advancement of science and technology.Future education will pay more attention to cultivating students’ thinking ability and innovation ability. AI as thinking training and auxiliary tools will play an increasingly important role.

The heart of the mind is an AI native product technology company, focusing on the development of commercial image application software, and is committed toAIGCTechnology is applied to social productivity.The first self -developed product “is the painting”, which is the first domestic AI business auction application based on the pre -training diffusion model. Zero threshold saves 90%of shooting costs for clothing merchants.Lin Jie mentioned that he was currently working with Wuhan universities and focusing on clothing design education.Through cooperation with schools, students participate in the labeling and model training of clothing, which will not only help them learn, but also commercialize results.Heart painting and seeing the school with training models can be used for teaching and commercial purposes.In the process of collecting and marking clothing data, students will also contact the actual use of large models and fine -tuning models to enhance their understanding and use of AI.

The picture is generated by AI

The changes brought about by AI in the field of education will have more profound and extensive impact on children in the past. Everyone should be able to cultivate and collaborate with AI in AI tools. This is the key skill required for human society in the future.In the past, people thought that AI technology was developed, and it could only generate works based on existing materials, but it was just replicated and integrated data.However, the emergence of tools such as Chat GPT and Sora allows people to see that AI can not only learn to talk like people, but also generate things that do not exist.The development of AI also gives people a sense of crisis. In modern society, in addition to facing the competition of talents, it is also necessary to face the challenges that science and technology may replace work.At present, many colleges and universities choose to cooperate with the enterprise to introduce AI to classroom teaching. Artificial intelligence technology empower the construction model of various majors in colleges and universities shows broad application prospects.

If you choose to be self -proclaimed and do not contact new technologies to improve your ability, sooner or later will be eliminated by the times.Lin Jie believes that from the perspective of work, traditional repetitive labor, such as the operation of the assembly line, is very easy to be replaced by AI and automated technology.Instead, those tasks that need to solve specific problems and highly customized work are not easy to be replaced.At present, 400 models have been developed for automation training.With the advancement of technology, the differences between AI and general artificial intelligence will become larger and larger.For example, the patterns on some clothing are very detailed, there are many fonts, and the colors are irregular. Even if the latest model training is trained, it cannot be accurately emerged.Whether it is a large language model or an image generation model, they all generate the results by veting and predicting the training data, but this method has a higher error rate under high customization.Therefore, for those processes and work that can be defined, they can be done as much as possible, but the task of deep customization still needs to be handled by humans.

Therefore, in terms of talent training, enterprises and universities must pay special attention to training them to apply AI to complete the corresponding work, and at the same time, in -depth learning skills knowledge to create a customized, deep, and changeable special competitiveness that AI does not have.Only by continuously improving yourself can you survive in the fierce market competition. Whether it is a company or a person, this is the same truth.

AI can improve work efficiency and have been confirmed in various fields.For watching mountain technology and thoughts, AI helped them truly achieve cost reduction and efficiency.

During the epidemic, the watching of the mountain technology team was not in place. Only one -third of the personnel were working, and all tasks needed to be completed on time, bringing great challenges to task delivery.However, the arrival of AI brought surprises to watching Shan Technology. Watching Shan Technology introduced AI into production. Even one -third of the personnel can complete the workload of the entire team.Although it was skeptical of AI technology around, watching Shan Technology witnessed its rapid development, and in April 2023, people saw people mentioning the reform of AI in the social circle.Liang Yan mentioned that from a cost perspective, the cost of buying AI services can be ignored.Taking the AI painting tool Midjourney as an example, the service costs have three grades: $ 10, $ 30 and $ 60.Watching Shan Technology chose a high -end service of $ 60, usually an account for multiple people.In addition, the total cost of watching the monthly and other software used by watching Shan Technology is only one or two thousand yuan, but the efficiency of these tools has improved significantly.

Watching Shan Technology was originally a traditional content development team, covering many departments such as illustrations, research, copywriting, animation and video production.Now, watching Shan Technology has transformed into a close group mode.Not only illustrators, animators and later video producers can also perform illustrations, so the original illustrator team no longer exists.Each group can complete all the production links from the manuscript to the picture.Take illustration production as an example. Originally, an employee could draw 1 or 3 pieces a day, and the current efficiency was 10 to 30 times.Watching the mountain also optimized the workflow and formed a pair of group models consisting of formal employees and intern.Due to the development of effective methods, interns can also make the same quality content, which greatly reduces costs.Conservative estimates, the people’s effectiveness ratio has increased by 10 times, and optimistic estimates can reach 30 times.For example, the standardized illization plug -in like a dictionary developed like a dictionary can allow a computer to complete 4,000 to 5,000 plug -in diagrams without artificial intervention, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Different from watching Shan Technology, the thoughts of Xin Nianxin use AI to reduce costs to reduce costs for merchants.In the live broadcast, Lin Jie showed the product painted by mind. It could display the graphic product map three -dimensional. For example, a flat clothing can automatically generate model maps and show the effect of wearing effects to consumers.Its product uses the underlying technology of the CPU diffusion model, which completely reconstructs all the content and makes the product display more simplified.

The picture is generated by AI

The system painted by the mind can quickly generate a variety of creative versions of posters. For example, the creative version can generate 30 model images with 1 to 2 screens in 15 minutes, and the Pro version can be in 50 minutes.Generate up to 50 clothing display maps with different postures and scenes.Their website is fully automated, and the content is updated every day to meet the needs of the industry.From a cost perspective, traditional model shooting costs high in the industrial chain. For example, in Hangzhou, the one -hour shooting fee of a model is about 2,000 yuan.The technique of seeking opinions allows merchants or photographers to complete the shooting at home, which greatly reduces marginal costs.All this is due to the development of the mindopen source codeIt did not use any closed -source tools, but instead transformed computing resources through products into high value -added services, bringing real cost reduction and improving efficiency to specific industries.

There are currently some companies in China who are developing generating AI, especially video generation and pictures.Is the trend about the future mainly develop or open source, or is it based on large models or tools abroad to achieve your own application?Liang Yan said that watching Shan Technology is more about understanding industry scenes and calling the latest tools to solve the problems in the scene. Technology development is not within the scope of watching Shan Technology.Need to be transformed between large models and industry scenes, and this requires some technical teams to provide in -depth services.Therefore, watching Shan Technology does not focus on any specific products, but focuses on understanding the needs of industry users and is committed to solving their problems.

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