Beijing compulsory education continues to adhere to the principle

The reporter learned from the press conference of the 2024 Beijing Compulsory Education Admission Entrances that Beijing’s compulsory education phase this year has maintained stability.Let every child enjoy fair and quality education.
According to reports, the important time arrangement of Beijing Municipal Compulsory Education Admission in 2024 is basically consistent with previous years: the compulsory education enrollment service platform will be opened on May 1st, and the elementary school enrollment information is collected from May 6th to May 31st.From June 15th to June 16th, various elementary schools reviewed related materials.On July 3rd, the city’s city was admitted to the city.In early July, various elementary and junior high schools issued new students’ enrollment notices.
Beijing household registration aged children must participate in the collection of school -age population information at the age of 6 years (born before August 31, 2018), and they will be admitted to the nearest test.Beijing household registration -free family -age children are handled in the area where the non -household registration is located in accordance with relevant regulations.
Children and adolescents of non -Beijing household registration age are enrolled. The district governments of Beijing are reviewed and guided in accordance with Beijing’s non -home registered children and adolescent children and teenagers.The residence permit, at the street office of the residence or the township people’s government to participate in the qualification review of the enrollment, and then enter the enrollment procedure.
“Beijing will further optimize the admission service platform, let the data run more, parents run less legs, and strive to achieve the” One Netcom Office “to promote the entry work more convenient, efficient, and transparent.” The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission saidEducation adheres to the district level, and each district organizes the implementation of compulsory education enrollment in this region.Adhere to the free test, the admission of elementary school adopts the method of registering and enrollment, the combination of single -school films and multi -school films, Xiaoshengchu adopts the method of exemption and volunteer positioning.
The “Opinions” requires that the test results and various competition certificates, training competition results, test certificates, etc. are strictly prohibited as the enrollment basis; students are strictly prohibited to select students in the form of interviews, evaluations, and resumes;Early enrollment and selection of students in the form of open day and summer camps; it is strictly forbidden to enroll any school in the name of experimental classes, characteristic classes, international ministries, and international curriculum classes.Beijing will seriously hold discipline accountability, and strengthen the supervision of the pre -school, incident, and post -afterwards of enrollment.
According to reports, at present, the coverage rate of Beijing Group has reached 75%, and the management of school district system covers 90%of primary and secondary schools, and 100%of township compulsory education schools have been supported by “hand -pull”.At the same time, promoting small -scale, large proportion, and diversified new types of teachers exchange rotation. As of now, a total of more than 42,000 teachers have exchanged rotations, accounting for 79%of the teachers who meet the conditions of exchange rotation.The rotation mechanism has continued to expand the coverage of high -quality resources.Beijing has implemented the “newly added 20,000 primary and secondary school degrees” for three consecutive years.
(Guangming Daily All -Media reporter Dong Chengcheng Correspondent Guo Yizhou)
Source: Guangming Daily All -Media Reporter Dong Cheng Correspondent Guo Yizhou
Responsible editor: Zhang Yongqun
Edit: Zhu Xiaofan Zhang Xueyu

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