Chongqing Fifth Elderly Sports Fitness Games opened in Rongchang

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▲ On May 17, the Fifth Elderly Sports Fitness Games in Chongqing opened in Rongchang District. The picture shows the opening ceremony.Photo confession
On May 17, the 5th Sports Fitness Games of Chongqing City opened in Rongchang District.Entry, the heads of the Chinese Association of Old Sports Association and Yun, Gui, and Chuan Lao Synwa attended the opening ceremony.
Chongqing Sports Fitness Games is held every four years.This session was co -sponsored by Chongqing Sports Bureau, Chongqing Civil Affairs Bureau, Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Old Cadre Bureau, Chongqing Elderly Sports Association, and set up 14 items such as air volleyball, table tennis, Tai Chi, and soft ball.The month will be held in 16 areas. It is expected that the participating athletes will reach 23,000. It is the elderly sports fitness sports meeting with the most projects and the largest number of participants in the city in recent years.
▲ Chongqing Daily Newspaper Group team entered the venue.Photo confession
At the opening ceremony, the delegation showed the results of the elderly in our city actively participating in national fitness activities with its upward spirit.Rongchang District also held a large -scale literary exhibition: “Longfei Lion Dance Yao China” shows the endless birth of the Chinese nation;”Martial Arts Bayu” and the fitness dance “Healthy China” shows the enthusiastic and vigorous spirit of different ages and people.
▲ The martial arts Taijiquan held in Rongchang District praised “Martial Arts Bayu”.Photo confession
In recent years, Rongchang District anchor the “sports strong area” construction goal, and promote health with fitness, and has invested 5 billion yuan to build more than 200 various sports places and more than 400 kilometers of fitness trails.Sexual exercise people have increased from 45%to 53%, and the qualification rate of national constitution has increased from 85%to 93%. It won the first batch of “National Movement and Fitness Model Area” in the city.
The district promotes consumption with events, vigorously develops the event economy, holds more than 160 special brands such as marathon and iron men each year, and has held more than 180 days of national and municipal events.Yuan, forming a pattern of “fitness, weekly activities, events in the moon, moon and moon, and sports”, won the first batch of “national sports consumption pilot cities” in the city.
In addition, Rongchang District has promoted the development of industries, set up special classes for investment promotion, and introduced more than 10 well -known sports goods manufacturing companies such as Qiao Sports and Zhongwei Sports. The scale of the sports industry reached more than 3 billion yuan.Power source.

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