Ci Ming’s medical examination health season launches a series of health care services

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Beijing Business Daily (Reporter Yao Qian) From April 15th to 21st, 2024, the 30 National Cancer Prevention Propaganda Week is the knowledge of anti -cancer health knowledge, enhancing public cancer prevention and control awareness, and improving the health level of the whole people. April 19On the day, Ci Ming’s medical examination health season public welfare activities walked into Jiaming Tongcheng community in Chaoyang District to carry out a series of health care services.

From April to June 2024, Ci Ming’s health examination health season was fully launched. Through health services, popular science lectures, expert live broadcasts and other forms, it helped improve public health literacy.In addition, Ciming’s medical examination will also carry out more than a hundred “five -entry” (entering agencies, entering the enterprise, entering the community, entering the countryside, and entering the campus) national health public welfare activities across the country., Consolidate the foundation of national health.

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