Design 78 sets of clothing!In this fashion show, 400 students came to the stage to interpret

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On the evening of May 4th, Mianyang Flying Vocational College and Mianyang Panmei Flying Vocational and Technical School “May 4th Etiquette Fashion Show” event were held. Students wore unique creative costumes and performed youth and confidence on the catwalk.
Red Star News reporters were informed that the event was one of the annual “May 4th” series of classic activities of Mianyang Flying Vocational College. This year, a total of 400 students came to the stage to perform on the spot.Of the 400 sets of clothing, 78 sets of clothing were designed by the students under the guidance of the teacher.
At the event, with the exciting music of the opening show “Future Science Fiction”, the “May 4th etiquette fashion show” officially started.On the runway, the students were full of gas fields, interpreting the style of civil aviation, and won applause.The capable professional model, elegant etiquette show, spiritual lunar classical beauty, cool technology sense, strange brain style, strength bodybuilding show … The multi -style fashion show is refreshing, showing the wisdom, creativity and youth of contemporary college students.
Among them, the program “Yunshang” created by the elements of the Qiang nationality is very eye -catching. It retains the patterns and colors of the traditional costumes of the Qiang nationality. Through modern tailoring and fabric choices, it creates a piece of clothing with national characteristics and modern fashion.
“I am very happy to participate in this catwalk. The show I participated in is” Yan Ruyu “. It shows the style of the four gentlemen -Meilan bamboo chrysanthemum on the clothing.The spirit of not pulling up and hard work. “Said Liang Xiaoxu.
Dong Xiao, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Mianyang Flight Vocational College, told Hongxing News that a total of 400 students participated in this performance. Each classmate was different clothing, of which 78 sets of clothing was designed and produced by the teachers; from the beginning of March, starting in early March;Preparation, the collision of concepts began in mid -March, and arranged according to different styles of each show in April.”The design of clothing comes from life, but it is higher than life. This activity shows the professionalism and trend of civil aviation, and also performs a wonderful interpretation of national style elements and modern fashion.”
Red Star News Reporter Tang Xiaochang
Editor Zhang Li blame Feng Lingling
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