Did you check in at the "fitness circle" in front of your house?

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For Shushan people who love life,

There is a kind of happiness that can exercise in front of the door

Incorporate exercise into daily life,

N possibilities of unlocking exercise

Let’s go to a spring light together,


From the early morning to the evening, from the park green road to the community gym, the “15 minutes fitness circle” in Shushan District, as long as you are willing, you can enjoy the joy and gain of sports.

Four seasons Flower Sea Park is open for free.

“Sports+” City Park

Enjoy the sports fun at the door of the home

“Green City” is the Shushan gold signboard.Dashu Mountain, Swan Lake, Four Seasons Flower Sea, Botanical Garden, Dongpu Reservoir are located here.The beautiful scenery of nature has become the “natural oxygen bar” for Shushan citizen sports fitness.

In Shushan District, from various types of balls to mountaineering, marathon, from public welfare sports facilities throughout the urban areas, to subdivided sports venues, each sports can find their most comfortable space.

In Shushan City Sports Park, this new “smart” sports park has a smart runway and a smart riding lane, which can record personal sports speed and energy consumption; low -carbon virtual cycling, free rock climbing, outdoor basketball courts, table tennis competition …… Everyone can open up infinite possibilities about exercise here.

Shushan City Sports Park.

In Swan Lake Sports Park, the young and old sports enthusiasts hit Tai Chi, do fitness exercises, and jogging, and intertwined with the blue water and blue sky behind them into a harmonious freehand scroll.

West Mountain Scenic Area around the city.

Amber Lake Scenic Area around the city park.

In the Four Seasons Flower Sea Sports Park, there are all people who are full of facilities for basketball courts, football fields, national fitness equipment, badminton stadiums, table tennis tables, and children’s park facilities.The style is style.

In recent years, Shushan District has actively promoted the construction of the stadium and created a national fitness public service system. Sports parks have been built at the door of the masses.Sports parks, Qingxi Environmental Park, etc., citizens can feel the vitality brought by sports when they go out.

The “gym” downstairs


Near the door of the house, push the door downstairs, you can use public health fitness equipment to strengthen your body.

At the Wisdom Fitness Station of Amber Street, the green plastic floor, and a white sunshade is distributed with a fitness equipment. Each device has a smart “brain”.When residents use equipment exercise, the electronic screen that comes with the equipment can not only display exercise time, number of times, and calories consumed, but also monitor physical health data such as heart rate.If you want to know how to exercise more scientific, you can scan the QR code on the fitness equipment, connect your mobile phone to the instrument, open the smart platform WeChat Mini Program, analyze personal testing data, training data, etc.Sports plan, sports guidance video, and open “sports prescriptions”.

Amber Street Cuizhu Garden Community Intelligent Fitness Facilities.

On the cage multi -functional basketball court of Xinyi Homeland in Nanqi Street, a group of teenagers were sweating on the court.Outside the court, elderly friends also exercised on fitness facilities.

Xinyi Homeland Cage Multifunctional Basketball Stadium in Nanqi Street Science and Enterprise Community.

The cage multi -functional fitness venue at the door is open for free.

“I can exercise when I go out. Now my body is more tough than before, and my body is better.” The old man Zhao Xianzhu, who lives in Xinyi Homeland, said happily on his leisure chair outside the basketball court.The outdoor suspended assembly floor basketball court covers an area of about 735 square meters, with red and black ground, and there are seats that can accommodate 200 people in the surrounding area. It is full of sporty and warm and generous.

In the evening, at the beginning of the lantern, more and more young people gathered here in the cage multi -functional sports field in the Dabai community in Xiaomiao Town.Passing, offensive, defense, a basketball game is in full swing.The Dabai community cage multi -functional sports field integrates basketball, football, volleyball, badminton and other functions. It is equipped with sports equipment and children’s entertainment facilities.Sweating on the court, unloading the work and study pressure for a day, young people enjoy the relaxation of sports brought by sports.The smart fitness equipment next to it has brought a more scientific and interesting fitness experience to the elderly and children.

Xiaomiao Town Community National Fitness Garden Project.

In order to promote the full coverage of the “15 -minute fitness circle”, since 2023, Shushan District has completed 80 upgrades and upgrades of fitness facilities in residential communities and administrative villages.The national fitness trail is 14 kilometers and 5 kilometers of green roads to accelerate the construction of a higher level of national fitness public service system.

Convenient 15 -minute sports fitness circle

Make every little partner at the door of the house

Enjoy the happiness of “sweating like rain”

Also “circle” the happiness belonging to everyone

In the end

#I still like Shushan#

Should not be late

Hurry out of the house and “move” together!

Source | Huang Li Wang Huimen and Ge Qingzhao Liu Yaping

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