Jiagao’s forum linkage the Yangtze River Delta to promote the innovation and development of German education

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On April 22, a seminar on German education and teaching and its future development was successfully held in Jiaxing Senior Middle School, attracting the principals, teachers and representatives of many DSD project schools from Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Anhui to participate.Explore the optimization path of German teaching in middle schools and share educational resources.

In the classroom of Jiaxing Senior Middle School, the DSD DSD German class is being displayed. More than 20 students have concentrate on listening to the teacher’s German teaching. They are behind the German backbone teachers from the three high schools of Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui.The German teacher of the Jinhua Foreign Language School also conducted a lecture on the expert lecture on the “Integrity of the Integration of Teaching Evaluation” in Middle School German “Teaching Evaluation”.

In another conference room, the principals and experts of the DSD school in Zhejiang and Shanghai and Anhui have improved the teaching quality of the DSD project, and how to keep up with the pace of the times and meet the diversified needs of students to conduct in -depth exchanges.

Experts from Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press also brought the latest German textbooks introduced and developed from Germany. Editor Chen Yan said: “Schools and teachers participating in the seminar come from the front line of teaching.What latest demand, so we need to adapt to these new environments and develop new products, including artificial AI or something, to keep up with the times, it is also a mission for us and a task. “

It is understood that DSD is an abbreviation of German language certificates. This test is a language certificate for Germany dedicated to middle school students. The DSD project is the only official way to study in Germany for middle school students.In recent years, German teaching in middle schools has flourished and has been recognized by students and parents.In 2019, the Middle School German Teaching Alliance was established, and more than 60 schools have joined.

Zhang Min, the head of the German teaching and research team of Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School and Secretary -General of the Middle School German Teaching Alliance, introduced the various German teaching exchanges through regularly organized.At the same time, it also provides students with more diversified learning and competition opportunities, which enhance their language ability and overseas study confidence.In addition, the joint interaction between regions is essential to promote the development of German project schools, especially in terms of resource sharing and school -enterprise cooperation.”From the establishment of the alliance to the present, we have annual meetings every year, then teachers training, and some students’ activities, including school exchanges between principals, have provided a good platform, which promoted the development of our schools.”And communication”.

In 2009, since the Jiaxing Senior Middle School joined the DSD project, he insisted on taking high quality as the core, ensuring the quality of students, and adopting a small -class elite teaching model. It is committed to cultivating compound talents with excellent language ability and solid science foundation.His students have performed well in the German exam. The rate of retribution in Germany has a high rate of education. Since the first graduate of the first student in 2012, more than 180 people in China and Germany have chosen to study in Germany.Divine majors and other majors have good employment prospects and development space at home and abroad after graduation.

Zhang Zhaorong, the secretary of the party branch and principal of Jiaxing Senior Middle School, said: “After the exchange, it is actually a group force of German teaching. At the same time, we also shared further. All of our DSD schools will win and advance.”





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