Nearly a hundred teams in the Emperor Winter Congress of the Winter Congress participated in the ice -kicker competition

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3moontwenty threeOn the day, the Beijing Second Winter Games (mass group) Ice Capital Steak Project Competition was held at the Moon Altar Stadium. This is also the last mass project of the current City Winter Session.From Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Chaoyang District, Fengtai District, Shijingshan District, Mentougou District, Fangshan District, Tongzhou District, Shunyi District, Daxing District, Pinggu District, Yanqing District12The branch team and nearly a hundred athletes participated in the competition.

This competition has men’s doubles, women’s doubles, hybrid doubles3In the project, each competition is divided into two stages. The first stage is a group single -cycle. The first two of each group enters the knockout.After fierce competition, Dongcheng District and Tongzhou District won the men’s doubles winning prizes. Shunyi District and Fengtai District won the Women’s Doubles Winning Award.

As a traditional national ice and snow sports project, Ice Cubia integrates fitness and competition, coexisting and communicating. The venue is not large, the rules are easy to understand, and the safety and interesting.According to Gong Yi, Secretary -General of the Xicheng District Ice Hokki Association, Bingzhou has been launched in the district10In the year, with a wide range of mass foundations. “This project takes only ten minutes of simple training from zero to understanding the basic rules. It can complete a simple game under the guidance, which is very conducive to promotion.”

This competition is hosted by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, hosted by the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, Beijing Sports Association, Beijing Education Commission, Beijing Social Sports Management Center, Beijing Sports Federation Secretariat Office, Xicheng District Sports Bureau, Xicheng District Bingbing District BingCo -organized by the Cascular Association.Wang Guoliang, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Center, said that the competition aims to promote the traditional culture of the nation, let more people understand the ice and snow project, experience the fun brought by the ice and snow sports, and consolidate the development results of the city’s ice and snow project during the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympics.To contribute to the construction of a sports power.

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