Original Yi Jianlian appeared in the United States!The retirement life is so pleasant, the wife and children settle in the United States+2 sons are all American nationality

We all know that golf is a noble movement.Because of the elegant way of sports, it is loved by many rich people.Yi Jianlian also likes this sport.Before retiring, he had a better ball skills with his teammate Wang Shipeng.And a long time ago, Yi Jianlian asked professional coaches for guidance.Although it is not as professional as basketball, it is obviously a big hobby of Yi Jianlian!If you are a normal duel, Yuan Yichun, a professional golf athlete, will definitely defeat Yi Jianlian.After all, Yi Jianlian’s expertise is basketball.Therefore, Yuan Yechun proposed to let Yi Jianlian half a pole, and said that as long as he was flat, Yi Jianlian won.The result is surprising!There was a mistake in Yuan Yichun. Instead, Yi Jianlian seized the opportunity and killed one shot!

It can be seen that Yi Jianlian fell in love with the sport of golf!In an interview, Yi Jianlian stated that from a high -confrontation, high -rhythmic competition project (basketball) to the current golf movement with a very high mentality, he felt that this was a very interesting transition process.Speaking of which, many fans may ask, is it Yi Jianlian who went to the United States to play a golf game?of course not!

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