Tongxiang Puyuan, which is "daily out of ten thousands of silk": "weaving wisdom" fashion, "smart painting" the future

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On April 24th, 2024 Puyuan Fashion Week opened in Puyuan Ancient Town of Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, while continuing the core concept of “knitting the next fashion”, and proposed the theme of “weaving the future”.
From the “Wedding Queen” Wang Wei’s Vera Wang Haute, to the opening show of the THEATELIER, the creative director of the fashion brand designer Zhou Yangjie Jimmy Choo, all showed the fashion genes of the ancient town of Puyuan to the world, and the link was cutting -edge.The first domestic ancient town fashion awards ceremony was held that night, and it also launched the Influence Award, Cross -Border Achievement Award, and Industrial Contribution Award.
From April 25th, Puyuan will usher in 4 professional shows, introduce the brand of contemporary young designers at home and abroad to the water Zen hall, and inject new vitality into the ancient town.Hai Studio 24FW uses the ultimate contrast between mini tailoring and ultra -long design to open the inner imagination of women.Gaojie Tide CANOTWAIT_ launched the “immediately tide weaving show” to make this season design into a paradise for virtual and reality, allowing people to release emotions and dissolve pressure.Noraréve is presented in a water show. This season’s works use elements such as Su Jin, flower dill, and plate buckle to highlight the ancient charm of the oriental, pay tribute to the beauty of non -heritage, and interpret the elegant charm of the new Chinese wedding dress.Taglioni, founded in Paris, France, is based on the theme of “Fearless Weaving” and encourages women to be brave in their dress.
The window is Jiangnan, and there are shows everywhere.During the Fashion Week, 6 local clothing brands such as the Holy Land, POP, Huigang, Fiber Platinum, Monetarians and Qiuqiu were placed in the T stage between the T stage and the woolen weaving with modern fashion.The fashion genes of the millennium town are awakened.
Outside the show, the artist’s exhibition, trendy market, and hand workshop are all available.Waste clothing reconstruction handmade dolls and creative weaving devices, fashion and photography, space computing, music healing … What kind of collision will it produce?Fashion and everything happened in Puyuan.
From April 24th to 28th, there were also many industries exchanges outside the ancient town: new projects such as the promotion center of the sports knitting industry innovation and development and the cultural tourism project “Xixian Lecture Hall” were launched.International cashmere city autumn and winter ordering meeting, heating; new generation of entrepreneur innovation and entrepreneurial resource exchange discussions, clothing design exchange, innovative materials docking …
Looking back at the glory of the Puyuan Textile Industry’s “sunrise thousands of silk”, now, the hard work and wisdom and the spirit of the merchants continue to be inherited in the blood of the Puyuan people.Fashion Week is not the starting point, nor the end point. In the long river of years, the integration of the Puyuan “Weaisi” and fashion occur between the pavilion and the streets and lanes.New chapter.
Author: Fu Xinxin
Text: Fu Xinxin map: The organizer provides editors: Shen Zhushi Editor in charge: Fan Bing
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