Viral video explains tennis ball manufacturing process

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A recent viral video has revealed the intricate process of tennis ball manufacturing. The video, which went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter), shows the various steps involved in producing the ubiquitous yellow ball, from the initial grinding of the rubber to the final covering of felt.

The video begins with a machine grinding rubber into small pieces. These small pieces are then inserted into circular grooves and compressed into the shape of a tennis ball. The circular shells are then removed and separated. The two shells are then joined together to form a solid rubber ball.

Next, factory workers cover the bare rubber ball with yellow cloth and white strips. After adding water to thicken it, the tennis ball is made.

The video aroused great curiosity and interest among netizens, who were shocked by the amount of work behind the manufacturing of tennis balls. Many netizens emphasized the importance of the hard workers and found their dedication worth applauding.

Viral video explains tennis ball manufacturing process

Here is a detailed breakdown of the tennis ball manufacturing process

Rubber Grinding: the first step is to grind the rubber into small pieces. This can be done through various machines such as rubber mills or granulators.
Rubber Pressing: The ground rubber is then pressed into a mold to form the shape of a tennis ball. This process takes place under high pressure and temperature to vulcanize the rubber and give it its characteristic elasticity.
Felt Cutting: After the rubber ball is molded, it is covered with a layer of felt. The felt is cut into strips and glued to the ball.
Sewing: The strips of felt are then sewn together to form a seamless covering.
QUALITY CONTROL: The finished tennis balls are then checked for quality and consistency. Any tennis ball that does not meet the standards will be rejected.
Tennis ball manufacturing is a complex process that requires a variety of specialized machines and equipment. However, the basic steps involved are the same for all tennis balls, regardless of brand or price point.

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