Western APP: Light customer group+high -efficiency business model, new opportunities for profitability

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In the increasingly fierce competition in the e -commerce industry, merchants are facing many challenges such as shrinking profit margins, increasing operating costs, and complexity of rules. It is the top priority to find new profit paths.At this time, a platform that was once underestimated, gains, with its unique customer group advantages and simple and efficient business models, it provided a real profit opportunity for many businesses, and quietly rose to a force that could not be ignored.

The gain, originated from trendy culture and sneakers, was originally regarded as a niche community exclusively for young people.However, over time, the gains have quietly realized the diversified expansion of the category. From the initial shoes and tide clothes to watches, accessories, luggage, clothing, beauty, digital, home appliances, food, books, cars, carsThere are more than 20 categories such as supplies and even art.This change has not only attracted the official settlement of many well -known brands such as Coach, New Balance, Casio, Huawei, Dyson, etc., but also made merchants in the fields of digital, beauty, jewelry, home furnishing.Increased in the trend.

The core competitiveness of the gain is precisely its unique customer group characteristics.Different from other e -commerce platforms, the obedient has the youngest user group in the entire network. Especially among the 260 million people in China, the user penetration rate of obtaining objects is as high as 70%, and the coverage rate of users under 35 years old is high.This group has the following significant characteristics:

1. Strong consumption willingness and high -frequency repurchase: After the 95th, young consumers have sufficient confidence in future consumption, high purchase frequency, strong willingness to paid, willing to try new products, and more willing to pay for the sense of identity.The data shows that the number of annual repurchase of obtain users can reach 4.6 times, and the number of gift gifts is frequent. The monthly search volume is as high as 690 million times, and the number of gift -related search volume has reached 410 million times.Such a high degree of activity and purchasing power provides a stable trading environment and rich business returns for merchants.

2. Shop while buying and social attributes: Gen Z, consumers showed strong shopping habits in their gains. They are keen to share real life, emotion and shopping experience on the platform. Through interaction with their peersValue identity.This social shopping model makes the content closely connected to the transaction, forming a strong user stickiness, and helps merchants use content marketing to drive sales.

3. Low return rate and high satisfaction: Compared with other platforms, the average return rate of gains is significantly reduced, which means lower cost risk for merchants.Jewelry category merchants feedback, the return rate of obtaining objects is only one -tenth of the average level of the omnicular channel, which greatly reduces the economic loss and operating pressure caused by the merchant due to the return.The low return rate reflects the maturity of shopping decisions with high acquisition users and the trust of platform products, which will help merchants to maintain a good brand image and stable profit level.

In response to the unique customer base, the business model of gains fully reflects the characteristics of “returning to the truth”, simplifying the operating process of the merchant, reducing costs, and allowing merchants to focus on the product itself.The gain abandoned the complex store decoration requirements. The goods can be sold on the shelves. There is no need to make tedious visual rejuvenation, which greatly reduces the time and human investment of merchants in store maintenance.Based on a reasonable price, high -quality products can get traffic. The new products are launched with cold start of traffic, which reduces the concerns of the merchant’s concerns and additional drainage costs.

At the same time, the community in the station is seamlessly connected with the trading link, and the content of grass and commodity transactions form a closed -loop, which effectively improves the conversion efficiency.Merchants only need to focus on product management and price adjustment, without having to exhaust their life nodes and promotion mechanisms.Some merchants only rely on a small number of operators to achieve the best results of annual income of over 100 million, highlighting the lightweight and high -yielding characteristics of merchants in the material model.

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