Court orders Robinho to serve a rape sentence in Brazil

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A majority of judges in a Brazilian court on Wednesday upheld the Italian court’s Cheap AC Milan Football Shirts and the rape conviction of former Brazilian striker Robinho and ordered him to serve a nine-year prison sentence in Brazil.

The judges of Brazil’s Supreme Court voted 9-2 in favour of the former Real Madrid and Manchester City kids football shirts for the confirmation of the attacker’s conviction.

Robinho, 40, was sentenced in Italy to nine years in prison for his involvement in a group sex crime in 2013 while playing for AC Milan.

As Brazil does not extradite its citizens, Italy applied for Robinho to be imprisoned in his home country.

The Brazilian Supreme Court – a panel of 15 judges in Brazil – was considering, among other things, whether Robinho’s case was in line with the South American country’s immigration law, which was adopted in 2017.

Robinho’s lawyer, José Eduardo Rangel de Alckim, announced his intention to appeal the decision to the Brazilian Supreme Court and requested that Robinho remain out of prison during the appeal process.

“Robinho is ready to appear before the judges at any time. If an official appears, he will agree. He will not resist,” Alckim said.

“Our primary concern is to suspend the immediate arrest warrant. We will seek to enforce the sentence after the appeal decision is made.”

Court orders Robinho to serve a rape sentence in Brazil

The judge who voted first, Francisco Falcão, suggested that Robinho should serve his sentence in Brazil. He stressed that the former player should not escape punishment and warned of possible diplomatic tensions between Brazil and Italy if the sentence is not carried out.

“There is no obstacle to the execution of his sentence. It has been ratified by a court in Milan, which has jurisdiction in the matter,” Falcão said. “The judgment is final. The defendant was not tried in absentia in Italy, but was represented by a legal representative.”

Robinho lives in Santos, near Sao Paulo, and handed over his passport to Brazilian authorities in March 2023. He maintains his innocence and claims that the sexual encounter between him and the woman in a bar in Milan was consensual.

Jacopo Gnocchi, the lawyer representing the victim, welcomed the Brazilian court’s decision.

Gnocchi told Brazilian news agencies, “We believe that this is a fair verdict for the case in Italy and guarantees justice for all the defendants who were later found guilty.”

“We respect and understand that the Brazilian Constitution prohibits the extradition of its citizens. However, this does not change the fact that once a conviction is final, it is only fair that the sentence be enforced.”

In a recent ruling, a Brazilian court opened the door to an Italian court ruling AC Milan football shirts and former Brazilian attacker Robinho for his involvement in a group sex crime in 2013. The ruling means Robinho will have to serve nine years in prison in Brazil, and despite plans to appeal, Robinho’s lawyers are seeking to delay the execution of his prison sentence pending the outcome of the appeal. The court’s request signals a demand for justice and potential diplomatic tensions between Brazil and Italy if the sentence is not carried out. Robinho, who still maintains his innocence, has surrendered his passport and is living in Santos, Brazil. Meanwhile, the victim’s lawyer expressed support for the verdict.

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