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1. I opened a beef noodle shop and felt that it was too monotonous to sell the noodles to sell with fritters noodles, but it was too troublesome to make them. Can you buy their fritters from the frit shop next door to sell them?

Answer: There are many such situations in daily life, such as selling fritters in pancakes, pickles, and so on are provided by other food operators.

Catering service operators need to truthfully explain the source of purchase, purchase from qualified manufacturers, and do not purchase or unqualified foods.

2. Can small workshops be sold online?

Answer: Please consult the relevant regulations of the local market regulatory authorities. For example, Chongqing does not prohibit sales regulations and can sell online.

3. Do corporate standards need to be disclosed, how should it be disclosed, and what should they do?

Answer: Need to make public.

The state encourages the use of recommendation standards.Enterprises can formulate corporate standards by themselves.The state implements the openness and supervision system of corporate standards.

Enterprises shall disclose the compulsory standards, recommendation standards, group standards, or corporate standard numbers and names that provide products or services.Enterprise standard text with effective content such as performance indicators.

Enterprises shall organize production and operation activities in accordance with standards, and their products and services provide meet the technical requirements of the enterprise’s open standards.The authenticity, accuracy and legality of the enterprise shall be responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the standard information used, and assume all legal responsibilities on the consequences of the standard implementation.

It is found that if the enterprise fails to implement the public statement of the corporate standards in accordance with the law, or the disclosure information is not true, inaccurate, and unsatisfactory, the standardized administrative department shall order correction within a time limit;

4. Can well -known trademarks be used for commodity packaging or advertising?

Answer: No.

Production or operators shall not use the word “well -known trademark” for commodity, commodity packaging or container, or in advertising, exhibitions and other commercial activities.

5. I opened an advertising company and want to know which medicines are prohibited from publishing advertisements?We can also avoid contact with Party A of these products.

Answer: Special drugs such as anesthesia drugs, psychotropic drugs, medical drugs, radioactive drugs, drugs such as vulnerable toxicity, and drugs, medical devices and treatment methods for drug treatment are not allowed for advertising.

The prescription medicine can only advertise in the medical and pharmacy publications designated by the health administrative department of the State Council and the drug supervision and management department of the State Council.

Source | Chongqing Market Supervision, Wuhan Market Supervision

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