The National Health and Health Commission answered Red Star News: It has formulated a work plan for professional health assistance in small, medium and micro enterprises

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▲ Zhang Zhongbin, chief expert of the Vocational Safety and Health Research Center of the National Health and Health Commission, Zhang Zhongbin, director of the Human Machinery Workshop.Photo by Lun Xiaoxuan
From April 25th to May 1st this year, the 22nd National Propaganda Law of Occupational Disease Prevention.On April 25, the National Committee of Health and Health held a press conference to introduce the relevant situation of occupational health work around the theme of “adherence to prevention and protecting occupational health”.
Employees absorbed by small and medium -sized enterprises accounted for nearly 80%of the total number of practitioners. The implementation of the main responsibility of occupational health is a problem for small and medium -sized enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises.How to help small and medium -sized enterprises do professional health work?
At the meeting, Zhang Zhongbin, the chief expert of the Career Safety and Health Research Center of the National Health and Health Commission and director of the Human -Machinery Effective Effect Office, said that small and medium -sized enterprises were limited to the scale, the shutdown and the movement was relatively large, and the staff flow was relatively large., Its professional health management foundation and relevant capabilities are weak.In order to solve this problem, in recent years, my country has used the central government to transfer payment funds to carry out a series of activities to promote the harm of occupational disease hazards and the monitoring of occupational diseases with the assistance of small and medium -sized enterprises, and has achieved good results.
Zhang Zhongbin introduced that on the basis of summing up related experience and good practices, the National Health and Health Commission has formulated the “Work Plan for Vocational Health Assistance Action (2024-2025) of small, medium and micro enterprises (2024-2025), and requires an average of each county and district every year.The number of small and medium -sized enterprises is not less than 20.By guiding enterprises to carry out five key tasks in the identification, analysis and evaluation of occupational disease hazards, to improve the ability of corporate occupational health management, realize that by the end of 2025, the application rate of occupational disease hazards of the company and occupational diseases in workplace will be achieved.The regular testing rate, the development rate of occupational health inspections, and the training rate of occupational health have reached 100 % of the goal.
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