To be healthy!Young people are fascinated by a new way of healthy life like this

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Reporter Li Yanyu

In fast -paced modern life, young people often face various pressures and challenges. “Crispy young people” constantly swipe screens as hot words on the Internet, boarding hot search on major social platforms, and becoming a new label for young groups.Although self -deprecating “crispy skin”, this young man has more and more concerned about health care, pursuing the combination of health and fashion, and has become a new and healthy lifestyle that is fascinated by them.

Sports and social networking

Hiking, mountain climbing, flying trays, riding … outdoor sports not only strengthen the body but also have social attributes. At present, the “sports+social” method has become a trend of many young people in Zibo.

Search for “Zibo Outdoor” keywords in social APPs such as Xiaohongshu and Douyin, and you will find out many outdoor sports communities organized by local young people, as well as outdoor sports sharing of young people in Zibo.Xiao Jin, the manager of the “Shanhai Covenant” with more than 2,000 members of the group members, told reporters that the outdoor group was established for less than half a year and was enthusiastically involved in young people.”Basically from 90 -00 -year young people, everyone likes activities such as camping, climbing mountain climbing, flying trays,‘ hiding cats ’and other activities. Everyone likes it.”

In the Zibo Retro Bicycle Store, the Vatican is the name “Post -90s“, I have done several cycling activities with Zibo’s coffee shops.” Cycling activities are random. If the weather is good, it may be available every day. Planning cycling activities are about once a month.Zibo is a city suitable for cycling. Every time you ride, you can encounter different scenery and pedestrians.”

Why do young people fall in love with outdoor sports?Xiao Jin told reporters that “social+sports” is more in line with young people’s lifestyles pursuing freshness, and at the moment young people are busy with their work and small social circles. Outdoor sports with strong social attributes can not only exercise the body, but also broaden the social circle. I meet and meet.Little friends from all walks of life enrich their lives.

During the Qingming holiday, the “Shan and Seas’ Covenant” Zibo Young Hi -walking Outdoor Group organized a hiking activity of the Qingzhou Longmen Ling Ring Road.Xiao An, who participated in the first time, said: “The atmosphere is excellent and everyone gets along very well.” Xiao An was very satisfied with the experience, because she not only got close to nature, exercised her body, but also met many new friends.The combination of outdoor sports and social networking not only makes people sweat and strengthen the body, but also become an effective way to broaden the social circle and the same person.In this process, a bond that deepen interpersonal communication is connecting fellows.It is understood that the fragmented movement and VR movement have also become a new trend of the current light people movement.The fragmented movement refers to the gym that is different from the traditional large time and uses fragmented time to move anytime, anywhere.

New way of healing emotion

The new way of healthy life pursued by young people is no longer just “raising” the body, and it has extended to the maintenance of emotions and spiritual levels.Among them, “Holding Tree therapy” and “20 minutes park theory” have become the new fashion of young people healing and enjoying the “spiritual fast charging”.

On the social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo, the reporter observed that many young people are willing to share their “hug trees” experience.They believe that hugging trees is like embracing nature, which can relieve daily pressure, charge yourself, and better meet the challenge of a new day.A young man who is keen to hold the tree wrote in the sharing: “I was embracing the tree, and I felt that the tree was hugging me. At this moment, I seemed to be a part of nature, which was very healed.”

“Park 20 -minute Theory”, a article from the “International Environmental Health Research Magazine”: Even if you do not do exercise, stay in the park for 20 minutes, and the person’s state will become better.”I tried it, the” 20 -minute theory of the park ‘is true. “Xiao Fan, 24, shared her feelings to reporters,” Listen to the birds of birds in the park, watch the shape of the leaves, sit in the bench Mu sunshine …In this atmosphere, the tight mood of work on weekdays is also relaxed. “

Tian Meiqing, a national second -level psychological counseling, believes that the rise of healing health reflects young people’s attention to self -consciousness and attaches great importance to personal emotional value.”In the fast -paced life, young people are eager to decompress and release emotionally. They hope to find a quiet moment in their busyness to achieve spiritual charging and relaxation, so as to better invest in work and life.”

New Chinese Health

Traditional Chinese medicine milk tea, health tea, eight -segment brocade, physiotherapy massage … These new Chinese -style health methods are being sought after by more and more young people, becoming a new way of health and living.”Our main customer group is young people, and drinking and beautiful drinks are more popular.” Said the owner of a health tea shop in Zibo.

As an emerging lifestyle, “new Chinese -style food” is favored by more and more young consumers.”New Chinese Food Nourishing” refers to a dietary style that combines traditional Chinese diet health and modern lifestyles.It emphasizes the use of authentic and healthy ingredients, and achieves the purpose of health through a simple and easy way.This method of food care not only retains the cultural characteristics of Chinese diet, but also adapts to the rhythm and health needs of modern people.

“In recent years, there have been more young people who have been doing physiotherapy, moxibustion, and cupping.” Bai Ling, a physiotherapist in Zhangdian, found that most young people who came to physiotherapy were women 25 to 35 years old, mainly engaged inOffice work.”In office workers who are sitting in the office for a long time, they often have problems such as shoulder and neck pain, lumbar spine pain, and heavy moisture.” Bai Ling told reporters that young people pay more and more attention to self -maintenance.Buy some Chinese medicine tea bags that help nourish the face.

“My work needs to travel frequently. Due to the high work pressure and the fast life rhythm, we cannot arrange a living diet reasonably. As small problems continue to appear, I become more and more aware that the body is a health asset that needs long -term investment. Therefore, in life, in life, in lifeWill learn more about the concept and practice of traditional Chinese medicine. “Xiao Li, who works at a foreign trade company, told reporters.

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