Stinky tofu, buckle meat, rice wine milk tea … Da Shaoxing’s cuisine is actually so hot (⊙o⊙) | 100 yuan eats old Shaoxing

Shaoxing is a typical city with the style of Jiangnan water village in the south of the river. There are not only countless beautiful scenery, but also a heavy cultural heritage: Wang Xizhi’s Lanting collection order, Kong Yiji’s fennel beans, Lu Xun’s Sanwei book house, and the one -grade is all the one is all the one is all the one.The fragrance of the book, the aroma and ancient charm.

But to me more from the temptation of food.Some of these foods are related to historical figures, some are eating food from ordinary people, and others are “imported products.”

Especially in the autumn Shaoxing, walking on Cangqiao Zhi Street, walking around a variety of specialty shops, there are foods that are tied up waiting for you!If you chew the sprayed fennel beans, if you see the dried dried dried vegetables along the way, buy a bag and take it home to cook for the mother, it is easy to make people feel satisfied.


If you want to smell, you smell the smell, eat mold if you want to eat


 Stinky tofu 

The wine is not afraid of the deep alleys, and the stinky tofu is not afraid!

When it comes to stinky tofu, many people first think of Hunan, and the Shaoxing stinky tofu we want to talk about is completely two feelings and flavors: from the perspective of color, Hunan’s stinky tofu is black; and Shaoxing’s stinky tofu is friedAs of golden, even Emperor Kangxi and the Empress Dowager Cixi praised.

1) Wang Laohan stinky tofu

Address: opposite the supply and marketing supermarket of Jiaotang Road

When you find Lu Xun’s former residence, you can find Wang Laohan’s stinky tofu.But be sure to pick the right time, otherwise you must line up.His stinky tofu is made by himself, and it is said that the stinky tofu of Xianheng Hotel is also supplied by Wang Laohan’s family.Therefore, if you pursue cost -effectiveness, you can take two more steps here to eat here.

Wang Laohan’s stinky tofu is tender outside the coke. He has won a lot of retorters for the mastery of the heat. The boss is responsible for fried. The boss is responsible for fishing. The fried stinky tofu can be eaten with sauce.There are two types of sauce and spicy sauce, choose Ren Jun!

2) Three -flavored stinky tofu

Address: No. 258 Lu Xun Middle Road

It is not far from Lu Xun’s Sanyi Book House, and has an advantage in geographical. From Lu Xun’s former residence, I will buy a bowl and eat it. Each stinky tofu dipping sauce is different. If you love spicy, you can match it.A bowl of wooden lotus tofu, a sip of salty and cold, and you can feel the pleasure of the two days of ice and fire in minutes.

3) Lane stinky tofu

Address: Middle Section of Cangqiao Zhi Street

Stinky tofu belongs to Shaoxing’s folk snacks. It can be seen almost everywhere. When you visit Lao Lao Church, if you see a small furnace in your own house, you may wish to spend a few dollars to taste it, because they may might be possibleAfter making stinky tofu for a lifetime, there is no glorious facade of the hotel, and there is no advertising publicity of small flowers, and some are just their perception of life.

The key to stinky tofu lies in “halogen”. The halogen fermented by fresh vegetables plus various spices has created this historic Zhejiang Han nationality name. According to the short fermentation time, it is called “clear halogen”.It is called “Lao Jian”, and it is said that the good Lao Jian is at least 20 years old.Therefore, even if the grandparents in the hall are not “old halogen”, it will not be too “clear”.With a bite of chili sauce, the aftertaste is endless.


 Dried vegetables 

The focus of this famous food is “dried vegetables”, which can also be called “mildew dried vegetables”.People in the north like to pickle Chinese cabbage, while people in Jiangsu and Zhejiang like to pickle dried dried vegetables. Plum -dried vegetables do not refer to a certain kind of dish, but the general term of various vegetables that can be marinated.It was one of the eight major tributes of Shaoxing.

1) Shaoxing Hotel Chinese Restaurant

Address: Xiaoting Shandong side of the Second Ring Road

Known as the best -delicious plum vegetables in Shaoxing, the meat -dried vegetables are from here. Although there are many specialty dishes in his family, because the reputation of the dried dried vegetables is already out, all the guests who come here will be unavoidable.Caijun meat, if you are not used to greasy, you can also add a piece of lotus cake and the taste.

2) Yu Longjing

Address: No. 112 Cangqiao Zhi Street

There is a restaurant called Yulongjing on the Cangqiao Street. It is more popular. When it comes to meals, you need to line up.

Basically, Meng -dried vegetables and meat meat will basically be there in Shaoxing, and there are many people who recommend Yulongjing. The combination of dried vegetables and meat is undoubtedly a matter of capture for Shaoxing people, but compared to other houses of dried vegetables buckle meat, meat buckle meat.This family is praised more. It is eight words in summary, soft and waxy, and the entrance is melted.

The meat must be the pork pork with skin, and the dried dried vegetables must be marinated by local farmers in Shaoxing. There are many places in the south of China that will make dried dried vegetables. Therefore, if you want to eat authentic Shaoxing plums.Use the local ingredients.It is said that his hometown is Premier Zhou of Shaoxing and a fan of this dish!

After eating so many “stinky” “mold”, you have to make a fresh one.


Shao Sanxian

There are three fresh methods in many places, such as Di San, Sanxian, and Water.Shao Sanxian, so the idea is the peculiar Sanxian approach of Shaoxing.At the same time, it is also one of the top ten famous dishes in Shaoxing.The materials are not fixed. Generally, fish circles, white white, black fungus, carrots, egg dumplings, meat skin, meatballs, river shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, quail eggs, etc. Any combination will make you fly up.

1) Aqiu ten bowls

Address: No. 244, Cangqiao Zhi Street Pedestrian Street

Aqiu’s stores are similar to a self -occupied courtyard, and the cuisine is also a nostalgic cuisine.The number one in his family is the first place, but it is generally difficult to reflect, but in order to eat this “old Shaoxing”, patience still has.After serving, first drink a soup. There was a feeling of freshness in the bones. There was no big fish and meat, but it was a native side dish.

“Ten bowls” refers to ten bowls of dishes. In the past, people were not rich. They usually had only one or two dishes. The lineup of ten bowls of dishes would appear when they were doing good things, or noble guests came.Therefore, the “ten bowls” can be used to nostalgic old Shaoxing.

2) Little Shaoxing Restaurant

Address: No. 166 Cangqiao Zhi Street

The special thing is that the order of ordering, no menu, no price.If you want to come, you can come.According to the dishes, in the eyes of the locals, it is a lobby of popularity.

Shao Sanxian’s “fresh” lies in the ingredients “fresh” and “fresh”.The ingredients of this restaurant are all placed on the face. The absolutely visible fresh, the boss also said: The weight of her family is particularly sufficient.


Primary two, come to a bowl of authentic rice wine!


 Rice wine and wine and beer are also known as the world’s three major ancient wines

Lao wine is a city business card in Shaoxing. It is not only historically long and mellow, but also a wine that has both health care functions.You can see Shaoxing rice wine on the shelves in major supermarkets in Beijing.

If you go back to Shaoxing for the first time, you will be a little dizzy, because too carving, flower carving, champion red, daughter red, etc. are all called rice wine. For a person without alcohol, there are more people, so I can get together wherever I go.It is always wrong to taste the taste of the public.

1) Xianheng Hotel

Address: No. 179 Lu Xun Middle Road

On the Jiefang South Road, there is a Xianheng Hotel. People who go to Shaoxing for the first time will be visited. A bronze statue of Kong Yiji is placed at the door. In the nearly 100 years of the novel “Kong Yiji”, Kong Yiji has become it.The endorsement of too carved wine and fennel beans.

Different from Shaoxing rice wine, which is slightly transparent.The color of the too red wine is dark and black, and it seems to be able to stick to the cup wall when it flows in the cup.The waiter in the hotel will give you a bowl from the wine altar, holding some warmth (traditional rice wine is hot) in your hand, and a bite of vegetables, full of mouthful, if it is Kong Yizhi, if it is Kong Yiji,I am afraid of being envious of a few points.

2) Treasure hunting champion building

Address: No. 114 Cangqiao Zhi Street

In addition to Xianheng Hotel, I am afraid that Shaoxing cuisine in the Treasure Hunting Tower is the most popular. After drinking the strong taste of too carved wine, let’s taste the slightly refreshing “Hueiji Mountain”.At least one year after the altar can be stored before drinking, and if you want to be called Chen Jiu, it will take more than three years.

The difference between Treasure Hunting Tower and Xianheng Hotel is that one antique and ancient and modern.Therefore, if you drink rice wine to drink rice wine, you have to make the cup and match the old Shaoxing cuisine. You can really taste it for a long time, but the comrades who do not have the amount of alcohol have to pay attention.It’s right.

3) Shaoxing Lao Temple

Address: No. 229-1 Lu Xun Middle Road

A simple place to sell wine, when you are not sure which kind of rice wine you want to buy, you can taste a few more decisions in this shop, free!


 Laojiu is not only a kind of wine, it is also proper to be a condiment. 

1) Emperor Xuan’s rice wine milk tea

Address: Southeast of the intersection of Jiefang Middle Road and Jiefang South Road

The birth of rice wine and milk tea can be considered adaptable to local conditions.

Milk tea is a drink that residents of the Himalaya region in India have been drinking since ancient times. The cold climate of the plateau, a cup of hot milk tea is enough to drive the cold.With the opening of the Maritime Silk Road and the Land Silk Road, milk tea has gradually formed a variety of diverse daily hot drinks in the form of regional development.The combination of milk and tea has brought us a wonderful taste experience, will MIX rice wine give us new surprises?

In my opinion, the appearance of rice wine milk tea is a matter of course. Only pure rice wine can make authentic rice wine milk tea. If there is a traditional cities with liquor as a traditional city, we can suddenly appear in cities.strangeness.On the opposite side of Lu Xun’s former residence, there is a shop called Qixuan. According to reports, the owner is also the founder of rice wine milk tea. The love of rice wine has made the owner continue to develop rice wine food so far.

Although the rice wine and milk tea, although it is milk tea and rice wine, it is also the best proportion that the owner has determined after repeated proportion tests. I only drank it once. The taste is really special, but it is not necessarily that everyone can accept it.Of course, if you feel delicious, drink a drink. If you think it is not good, you can also order a lubble popsicle and sit down and talk about the story of the boss.

Listen to me, I want to drink authentic, at present, this is the only one.

2) Xianheng Hotel

Address: No. 179 Lu Xun Middle Road

Yes, you read it right, it’s Xianheng again!Don’t ask me why, because Xianheng really wants what!But this time I am here to recommend this drunk fish!

The Shaoxing people have turned rice wine into a versatile product, and the story of food and wine has never been lacking.The practice of drunk fish is “Cut the fish into slices first, sprinkle salt, spices, and wine in the altar of drunk fish, and then a layer of fish and seal the can.”Food, basically, there are many places in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and drunk fish.

However, Xianheng is relatively tender, the fish is not firewood, and the food can also be taken. The taste is sweet and the juice is too much.

In addition, the drunk fish is better than a grandmother’s house!It can be bought in each local specialty store, but the grandfather’s home is mainly vacuum packaging.Many netizens will compare him with Xianheng. Although they are dried fish poured out by Shaoxing rice wine, the marinated materials are different and the taste is different.The grandmother’s house is salty, with few juice.

Drunk fish, drunk shrimp, drunk crabs, drunk chickens, Shaoxing’s “drunk food” is too much. As a food in the north, one accidentally gets drunk in this Jiangnan water village.


Eat all the way, you can always find your favorite


 beans flavored with aniseed 

The fennel beans are boiled with dried silkworm beans. The locals are also known as “Luo Han Bean”. Dipping the bean clothing like a stingy Luo Han sitting in it.Daily leisure has also opened the door to the food culture of Shaoxing people.

2) Xianheng Hotel

Address: No. 179 Lu Xun Middle Road

The locals are called “overwhelming billets”, which is the northern wine.Xianheng Hotel is naturally available, and the most daily sales can reach more than 300 pounds.The fennel bean with rice wine seems to have become a fixed combination.

Although cooking beans is simple, not every kind of beans are called fennel beans.Fennel beans need to choose dry broad beans, add spices such as cinnamon and fennel to control the heat and time, so that the beans will become chewy.The classic of the fennel beans is that the fragrant fragrance after chewing. A bean is to chew in the mouth for a long time before it can only come out.

2) Specialty stores on the roadside

Fennel beans are not only wine and vegetables, but also a snack. The local products and dry goods stores on the streets and alleys are available. Generally, they are packed with transparent bags and packets.Fate, 15 yuan and two packs.

Don’t ask me how to know, you have to talk to your boss!


Creamy Pang

1) Gao Gao’s authentic cream climbing

Address: No. 608, Xinjian South Road

What should I do if I think home?

Then eat a creamy climbing!

“Little Pan” is an exotic product, so some people speculate that “Pan” should be the transliteration of the English “PIE (Cake of Western Crispy Stuffs)”.At the beginning of the 20th century, a European missionary who was in Shaoxing made a Shaoxing old chef because he missed his hometown, and he made a cream climbing, which is considered a “Chinese -style west point”. Now it seems that it looks similar to the egg tart.

The old lady on the newly built South Road is the old -fashioned name of creamy.The mold of Xiao Pan has not changed for 50 years. Xiaopan is divided into two parts, Xiao Pan mold and the stuffing inside.The mold is made of flour and eggs, and the taste is heavier than the egg tart skin.The filling is made of egg yolk, sugar, and the egg whites. Finally baked, the sweet but not greasy Shaoxing egg tart is released!

3 pieces of 5 creams are very cute, and the bite is all the taste of old Shaoxing.To say why this creamy taste is good, then you have to talk about the master of Gao Gao.Gao Mrs. Gao’s craftsmanship is learned with the Master of Repair.Who is the hair repair?Development is the practitioner of the creamy cream of the foreign population that year, so the old lady Gao is the old Shaoxing gourmet car promoter.


 Monan tofu 

There is no Monan, no tofu, but it is still called Monan tofu!

Many people are easily attracted by the words “Mu Lian Tofu” when they arrive in Shaoxing. We have eaten south tofu, northern tofu, frozen tofu, and Japanese tofu in daily life.But what is the tofu of Mu Lian tofu?It is made of Mu Lian seeds, transparent in color, like a turtle cream that has lost color, tastes Q slippery, clear heat and fire, and Shaoxing people’s favorite summer sanctuary.

1) Traditional wooden tofu

Address: The surrounding and Cangqiao Zhi Street in the book of the book

Traditional Monolo Tofu is all sold in the way of walking on the streets. You can run up to make a bowl when hear the sip.Stir it before you can enter.Specific stores are concentrated near Cangqiao Zhi Street. There is a Grandpa tofu sold by a grandfather near the sanctuary.

2) Ancestral name Mu Lian Tofu

Please click here to enter the picture description

Known as a modern version of Monan tofu.In order to be more convenient and can be eaten anytime, anywhere, there are plastic Muolian tofu in the local supermarket, which are all equipped with taste and can be eaten when you open it. In addition, there are many modern dessert shops.Mu lotus tofu improves into the menu, such as yellow peach, strawberry flavor, etc., but many people are still willing to eat a child’s era of mint tofu.

If you feel that the holidays are too long and Shaoxing is too small, then put on a small bag, go forward, go to Xinchang County, eat a bowl of water spiritual taro dumplings(No. 223, Xinzhong Road, Xinchang County), Send the remaining time.

I am afraid that I want to eat authentic taro dumplings in Shaoxing, I am afraid I will take two more steps and go to Xinchang County.Less than an hour from Shaoxing to the train for less than two hours.

Family households in Xinchang County eat taro dumplings, especially breakfast.The small stalls selling taro dumplings can also be seen everywhere. There are many types of water spiritual taro dumplings, including vegetables, fruits, and meat.

The uniqueness of taro dumplings is that its skin rather than filling. The skin is not made of noodles, but is made of taro and sweet potato flour.Pi’er, wrap the stuffing inside in strictly, and cook for a while without worrying about exposing the stuffing.If you are a greedy person, you can taste each taste. The boss will properly cook you a bowl of colorful taro dumplings!

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