Shi Feng District Holding Campus Food Safety Work Conference

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Zhuzhou News Network April 25 (Correspondent Nie Xuan) In order to further strengthen the food safety supervision of the Shifeng District campus and effectively protect the diet safety of the majority of teachers and students. On April 22, Shifeng District held a campus food safety work conference in the district.The Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and the Deputy Deputy District Chief Jinghua soldiers, the deputy district head of Bin Wei attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The deputy district head of the deputy district, Fu Tieqi presided over the meeting.The principals and leaders of the district market supervision bureaus, district education bureaus, district health and health bureau and other units, and the heads of school cafeterias in schools in universities, primary and secondary schools, and kindergartens (child care institutions) schools in the area attended the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that campus food safety is directly related to the healthy growth of students, related to the happiness and social stability of hundreds of millions of families, and the responsibility of guarding the campus food safety.It is necessary to resolutely achieve ideological recognition, work implementation, daily management, and firmly adhere to the safety bottom line to ensure the safety and stability of Shifeng education.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to increase the supervision and inspection of the campus cafeteria and the frequency of sampling inspections, and effectively investigate the hidden dangers of risks. Once the campus food safety incident occurs, it is necessary to report it truthfully and in time, and the departments will form a joint work in a timely manner to deal with it in accordance with the emergency plan.We must strengthen the consciousness of food safety politics, take responsibility, and always adhere to “above the people, above life”; to strengthen the consciousness of food safety actions, schools must conduct special research, conduct comprehensive arrangements, implement the system rectification and sales system, targeting the system for rectification and sales, for the targetCampus management issues, timely rectification; strengthening closed -loop management of food safety responsibilities, compacting the supervision responsibilities of market supervision, education, town and streets, and the main responsibility of campus and enterprises.

The meeting requested that the first is to recognize the situation and grasp the direction.With a high sense of responsibility and mission, we can do a good job in the work of food safety on campus, and resolutely eliminate the occurrence of campus food safety incidents.The second is to clarify responsibilities and grasp the key points.All departments and towns and streets should further implement the responsibility of industry executives and territorial management. Focus on key areas, key areas, and key links, take strong effective measures, truly achieve responsibility on the shoulders, and measure the measures.It is necessary to further implement the food safety responsibility mechanism, truly strict management and implementation.The third is to coordinate and link for effectiveness.The subjects of all parties must firmly establish the idea of “a plate of chess”, based on functions, strengthen communication, close cooperation, and form joint efforts to ensure that the food safety work of Shifeng campus has achieved good results.

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