Financial Consumer Consumer Protection guarantees the risk of equity and prevention, China Merchants Bank Laishan Sub -branch to carry out 3.15 consumer rights protection activities

  In order to enhance consumers’ financial literacy and financial security awareness and enhance the awareness and ability to protect rights in accordance with the law, China Merchants Bank Yantai Laishan Sub -branchThe theme of “financial consumer protection guarantees the risk of rights and interests around them”, advocates financial policies, prompts financial risks, advocates rational investment concepts, promotes the construction of integrity culture in the industry, and enhances the convenience, accessibility and sense of obtaining the people’s financial services.

  this time3.15 Financial publicity activities, China Merchants Bank Laoshan Sub -branch is based on the outlets, and adopts a variety of forms such as online and offline combination.Carry out financial protection education and publicity in targeted manner,The first is to the customer who runs the business business, and the staff of the outlets will issue the staff who come to the outlets.“Book of Guardians & MDASH; & MDASH; Financial Consumer Protection guarantees the risk of rights and interests around it.”In response to the student group of the hall, in the rapid development of information, we must pay attention to the protection of their own information. At the same time, establish the correct outlook on consumption, consume rationally, stay away from online loan, and be vigilant., Enhance consumer financial security awareness.The second is to publish related articles through the China Merchants Bank App Online Store & mdash; & mdash; “Be alert to” virtual abduction “fraud transfers” and “deposit insurance financial classroom”.Third, on the day of the “3.15 Consumer Rights Day”, the President of the Outlets Sub -branch on Duty Hall introduced the rights and interests of financial consumers to customers, set up an exclusive service research and questionnaire, further listen to customers’ voices, solicit service opinions, and practice “customer -centric centers centeredThe values of the value for customers “, the president of the branch returned to the customer’s original intention from the first person’s perspective, paid attention to the customer experience, and effectively interpreted the” zero distance “of financial services to shape the image of” temperature and responsibility “.

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