Strive for financial support to accelerate the development of chain groups

  In order to conscientiously implement the development requirements of the “7+28+N” industrial chain group in Henan Province, and strive for the support of finance in the cultivation of the industrial chain, on March 22, Zhongyuan Asset Management Co., Ltd., Henan Textile Industry Association, and Modern Like Textile Industry ChainXinxiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., the chairman of the Alliance, jointly organized the “Central Plains Assets Industry Integration Works and Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Fibrous Fiber Promotion Symposium” in Zhengzhou.This event attracted a total of 50 representatives of more than 20 textile industry chain companies in the province.

  At the symposium, Yuan Jianlong, executive chairman of the Henan Textile Industry Association, introduced and interpreted and interpreted the “Henan Province Cultivation and Extraction of the Textile and Clothing Industry Chain Project (2023-2025)” (hereinafter referred to as “Action Plan”).He mentioned that last year the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government carried out a series of new industrialization and key industrial chain cultivation work.Industrial clustersThe advancement of the industrial alliance aims to reshape strategically on the manufacturing development system of the province.The development of the textile and clothing industry chain is one of the 28 key industry chains.At present, the entire industry is seriously implementing the development requirements of the “7+28+N” industry chain group and the “Action Plan”.Weaving and printing and dyeing shortcomings, seizingIndustrial textileNew Field.Finance is the blood of the real economy, and the development of the textile industry is inseparable from financial support.We hope to carry out the group and win a win -win future.

  Shao Changjin, chairman of Xinxiang chemical fiber, is based on the current development status of the current textile and apparel industry.qualityDevelopment has made useful suggestions.

  Xinxiang chemical fiberSpandenThe marketing department minister Jia Yun made an introduction to the “current status and product application of the spandex industry”.Reyx is a chemical synthetic fiber with excellent performance. It has excellent characteristics such as large elongation, high elastic recovery rate, low elastic modulus, good strength, small proportion, corrosion resistance, anti -aging, etc.The requirements for clothing comfort, the demand for spandex is increasing.He said that the future development trend of spandex products is green, healthy, intelligent, and protective.Egret has acidic aminoly dyed, recycled spandex, antibacterial amino amino amino, and sanitary materials, amino spandex, phantom spandex and other product lines, and the downstream is widely used.In order to better serve customers, the company has developed and produced high -endKnitted fabric, Weaving fabrics, twisting wires, cold transfer printing and dyeing, etc., to extend industrial services, but also for downstream developmentNew productprovide technical support.

  Yao Wenfeng, deputy director of the Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Sales Office, introduced the “Regenerative Cellulose Filament Features and Application Fields”.He said that the company’s current annual capacity of fiber fiber ranks first in the country and spandex ranks second in the country.The products are not only recognized by domestic customers, but also exported overseas. Partners are in more than 40 countries and regions including Germany, Italy, and Japan.In recent years, the company has successfully developed the green and functional regenerative cellulose fiber of light and functional regeneration fiber with various varieties such as color -changing fiber, bacterial grass fiber, Shousis fiber, and Ryser fiber through cooperation with scientific research institutions and colleges and universities.Many national patents.

  Guo Gang, Assistant General Manager of Green Fiber Co., Ltd. of the China Textile Institute, introduced that the Green Fiber Co., Ltd. of the China Textile Institute was established in 2015, which is high in general materialHolding subsidiaries, with the first domestic technology and full set of independent design and manufacture of single -line 60,000 tons of new solvents method cellulose fiber production line. It is China’s first full -autonomous Ryais fiberintellectual propertyEnterprise.China Textiles and Green Fiber currently has 90,000 tons of green fiber capacity. Through independent research and development and attacking the core technology of Klele fiber, it has achieved industrialization and won the first prize of the “National Textile Industry Science and Technology Progress Award”.

  In response to the four major problems faced by low -priced fibrobasie fiber industrialization, the China Textile Institute has achieved technological breakthroughs.For the original fibrosis solution, three suggestions are made.The first is to use the original fibrosis to obtain special styles to develop peach feldles, corduroy, and hair/grinding fabric.The second is to reduce the primary fibrosis processing method and reduce yarn hair feathers.The third is to reduce the fibrous fibrosis by dyeing and rectification.

  Chen Chen, deputy general manager of the Central Plains Asset Management Investment Banking Department, said that as a provincial backbone financial enterprise, the Central Plains Assets Party Committee attaches great importance to the event and dispatched investment banking department, asset management department, Central Plains Aviation Leasing and Central Plains Supply Chain (factoring)Wait for the person in charge of the relevant unit to attend the meeting.Based on their respective business functions, they follow the three major business layouts of the company’s three major business layouts from the three major business layouts of the company’s three major business layouts from the three major business layouts of the company’s three major business layouts of the company’s “non -performing assets+comprehensive financial services+emerging industry investment empowerment”.It has been introduced in detail with the business cooperation model, and answers questions for multiple enterprises at the scene, providing specific financial support solutions, forming good results.

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