More than half of fans support the removal of VAR

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Premier League enthusiasts often tend to cast blame on officials when their favorite clubs face adversity. If fans were given the authority to influence change in the current state of Premier League refereeing, what measures would they propose?

Recently, an international organization conducted a survey, seeking fans’ input on desired alterations to Premier League refereeing. VAR has already come under scrutiny this season, notably with the disallowance of Diaz’s goal against Tottenham Hotspur.

More than half of fans support the removal of VAR

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A significant 54.4% of supporters expressed a preference to eliminate VAR if the decision were in their hands. However, discontent among fans extends beyond just the technology; it also pertains to those responsible for its application.

An overwhelming 68.6% of fans believe that the Premier League Refereeing Company should broaden its perspective and consider bolstering its referee roster by incorporating more foreign referees. Currently, only one referee in the Premier League hails from a foreign country. Fans contend that hiring just one foreign referee falls short of their expectations and advocate for recruiting the very best referees from the global football community.

A resounding 65% of fans endorse the continuation of the extended extra time in the Premier League. This season’s increase in extra time is especially favored, as it promises heightened drama and more goal-scoring opportunities.

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