Promote the beauty of Gusu Island in Guangning Province on the digital platform

Vietnam News Agency, Hanoi -National Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said recently that the bureau coordinated the video short film “Gusu Island Blue Jade Island” with the People’s Committee of Gusu County, Guangning Province to promote the Northeast Island CountyA majestic scenery.

This activity is designed to continue to implementDigital platform“Vietnam: Go for love!”Tourism Propaganda Plan, celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Gusu County (March 23, 1994 -March 23, 2024), and opened the 2024 Gusu tourist season.

According to the Vietnam National Tourism Administration, the video short film “The Envoy of Gusu Island Belts” has been officially broadcast on the bureau’s YouTube digital platform, which will be widely promoted on multiple digital media channels in the bureau, Guangning Province and Gusu County.Essence

The video time is nearly 2 minutes, showingGusu IslandBeautiful scenery.Gusu Island is known as a Jasper Island in the Northeast, and it is also a strategic place for Vietnam’s security and defense.Gusu County is a national leading position in protecting the natural environment, restricting plastic waste and reducing environmental pollution.

The video section has shown the majestic scenery of Gusu Island.Including dragon claws (móng
RồNG) Rarely and uniqueness of Shi Beach, Tr n NHạn Island, etc.

For tourists who love culture and history, Gusu is an ideal destination.Here, the long -lasting unique and unique monuments such as Ho Chi Minh Chairman Memorial Area, Zhulin Temple, Gusu Church, and Qinglin Church contain many local cultural values.In addition, the people’s enthusiastic hospitality and kindness and cheerfulness will definitely leave a beautiful impression on tourists.

Located on the hills of more than 100 meters of Haibo, Gusu Lighthouse is regarded as one of Vietnam’s most beautiful lighthouse.Along the 72 -level spiral staircase to the top of the lighthouse, tourists can enjoy the entire beautiful island.Tourists can also participate in various interesting activities such as forest hikers, rowing, fishing, gliding umbrellas, diving ornamental corals, and taste food rich in fresh flavors.

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