The first "Spring Race Carnival" event in the Global Resort of Beijing is coming. Bemengde’s curatorial brings legendary travel art | One week travel guide

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1. Hong Kong Fulipun Ocean Park Hotel presents the Easter holiday vacation and catering experience

In order to celebrate the Easter and Qingming holidays, Hong Kong Fulin Ocean Park has launched a series of celebration and experience.These include holiday accommodation, catering beauty, and F.U.N. Fulun festival experience.

The hotel specially launched the Ganca activity, allowing guests to get wonderful gifts.Booking theme rooms can also get tokens to exchange F.U.N. Fulun festival experience, including finding the Easter egg sticker activities and more festival theme workshops.Guests can also enjoy the colorful resurrection of the sea on the sea, including daily breakfast, festival tokens and other wonderful experiences.In addition, the hotel also offers a variety of beautiful foods, including the “tea aroma spring afternoon tea” of Xingyao Corridor and the global beauty buffet of Xingyao Hall.Easter theme desserts will also appear from March 29 to April 1.


2. Rujia Hotel 4.0, the road to iteration of a comfortable and comfortable hotel iteration with “heart price ratio”

With the consumption scenarios such as Zibo barbecue, Harbin ice and snow hot, Tianshui spicy hot and spicy and tourism special forces, the Chinese market economy has been more development opportunities.In this context, the first Journey Hotel Group released a new version of Rujia Hotel 4.0, which aims to improve the quality and service level of comfortable hotels.

At the press conference, Sun Jian, chairman of the Home Hotel Group and CEO, shared the thinking of the value of the wine travel industry, and analyzed the breaking point of the wine travel market brought about by the rise of local cultural booms and the high frequency of Volkswagen and fragmented travel.Rujia Hotel 4.0, through the launch of new design and functions, meets young consumers’ pursuit of hotel appearance, comfort and experience, and provides a higher quality accommodation experience.At the same time, the hotel has extensive scale advantages and consumer touch rates in the market, providing a solid foundation for the growth of the brand.


3. The first anniversary of the membership Week of Yaogaoxin Yuejie upgraded

On the first anniversary of the membership Week of Yaogaoxin Yuejie, the French culture and wonderful lifestyle will bring unbounded pets with French culture and wonderful lifestyle.To celebrate the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France60The anniversary and the Tourism Year of the Cultural Tourism of China, this year’s membership and brand activity aims to integrate more French cultural style lifestyle experience, give back to Chinese guests and members, and further help the cultural exchanges between China and France.This upgrade reflects the original intention of the continuous optimization of member loyalty plans and lifestyle experience in Yaogao Yuejie, and encourages Chinese members to explore wonderful and unlimited dreams.

Yaogao Yuejie is committed to pulling closer communication between people, providing a lifestyle experience that surpasses the hotel to stay in itself, and allows guests to enjoy the unbounded and unbounded wonderful French style.This year, Yaogaoxin Yuejie will also encourage members to explore the global unbounded experience points auction platformLimitless ExperiencesAnd launch more exciting resources and exclusive activities, so that the majority of Chinese members can get exclusive surprises.

1Bemengde held a 2024 Chinese media meeting

On March 19, Bemengde held a Chinese media meeting in the Beijing Evergreen Gallery, showing its Mitico art experience series launched with Evergreen Gallery.The series aims to continue to write the works of contemporary artists through curation and introduce the works of contemporary artists.

Since the launch of the Venice Simps Oriental Express in 1982, Bemengde has been a pioneer for slow travel, including hotels, trains, river wheels and camps, and has always adhered to the essence of slow travel.Create a series of unique travel experience, allow passengers to integrate local life, feel local culture and enjoy life.

2024 is the year of Bemengde’s transformation, and the focus will be placed on the development of a train.In February of this year, Bemengde’s luxury train Asia Oriental Express returned to the Asian Oriental Express, showing the Explorer Exploration Exploration of Southeast Asian Airlines with a new look. The trains launched the two seasonal sightseeing routes of “Malaysia Cultural Cultural Journey” and “Malaysian Natural Wild Fun Journey”.And work with the new cooking planner Jiang Zhencheng to create a diversified catering experience in Southeast Asia.Come to China to be a media conference this time,Nicolasstreff, vice president of Baymeid’s global strategy and corporate newsletter, said in an interview that it is very optimistic about the promotion prospects of high -end luxury trains in the Chinese market.he thinks,One in the Chinese marketSubstable developmentstate,,The demand for high -end customized travel is increasing, and digitalization has developed rapidly.As the leader of the high -end luxury train travel, Bemengde is still in the initial stage in the Chinese market. He hopes to convey more product information and booking services through WeChat mini -programs and other services.Good understanding of Chinese culture and establishing contact with Chinese consumers.

Asked about the development direction of high -end luxury travel, he believes that sustainable development is an inevitable direction for high -end luxury travel, and the essence of high -end luxury travel. Bemengde is very hoped that it is bundled with the destination he passed.And to make a good evaluation and certification of the product on the environment and social impact with the partners, this is also the development concept of Bermeng.


2. The Canadian BC Provincial Tourism Bureau released a new brand “From Rainforest to Luoji Mountain”

The Tourism Bureau of British Columbia, Canada holds a brand launch of the “From Rain Forest to Luoji Mountain” in Beijing to promote the natural landscape and humanistic style of the Canadian BC province.The brand covers the most distinctive natural landscape and humanistic style of the Canadian BC. It extends from Vancouver to the Canadian Mountains in Canada. The spectacular coastline meets the dense rain forests.Winding over, urban vitality and nature of nature overlap each other.

The conference focuses on the launch of the three major routes, including the “classic road”, “wild road” and “winding road”. These lines will bring tourists to appreciate the most representative cities, nature, culture and outdoor outdoor in the West Coast of Canada.Experience.The conference also announced the list of Chinese official cooperative travel partners and light up the three main routes and brand maps.The Canadian BC Provincial Tourism Administration is looking forward to exploring this magnificent and diverse land with Chinese tourists, and discovers the purpose of treasures and accompanies the beauty of nature and culture.


3. Beijing Global Resort’s first “Spring Day Carnival” starts from March 30

The Beijing Global Resort announced that it will bring the first Beijing Global Resort’s “Spring Day Carnival” theme event from March 30th to May 26th.During the event, colorful activities such as the new carnival party, large -scale character meeting, and international food carnival were invited to release the vitality of spring in the park.At the same time, the seven theme scenic spots of the Global Resort of Beijing also bloomed differently in the vibrant spring. Welcome to major theme fans and tourists to enjoy the charm of the spring day in the world.

The first “accessable” interactive performance of the park is a spring -day carnival party. Visitors can dance with the characters such as the popular stars such as Little Huang;The performance of the global midfielder is cool, as well as the new products and Chunri cuisine; as well as the first international food carnival presented by Beijing Global City Avenue.The Beijing Global Resort invited tourists to join this vibrant and grand spring carnival.


4. Finland has won the world’s happiest country in the world for seven consecutive years

Finland has been rated as the happiest country in the world for the seventh consecutive year in the United Nations “World Happiness Report”. Finnish people are proud and grateful for this honor, and the key to their unique and happy ways is the four basic elements: and natureTightly linked, pragmatic lifestyle, food made with fresh ingredients, and sustainable lifestyles.The Finnish itself thinks that Fen Happiness is not a state secret or a great mystery, but a combination of learning skills or life tricks.

The Finnish National Tourism Agency and Helsinki partner organizations will work together to reveal the source of happiness in the city and invite five Helsinki residents to share their secrets and tricks to get happiness in the city.The selected participants will participate in the Herbiny’s happy “hacker” city adventure and enjoy the five -day experience.


5. The Australian Queensland Tourism Bureau held a 2024 Greater China Conference to attract tourists to Kunming to travel

From March 18th to 22nd, 2024, the Queensland Tourism and Event Promotion Agency in Australia held a “Queensland is Calling” Greater China Conference in China.This is the first time since 2019, the Kunming Travel Bureau has held a interbank conference in China, aiming to continue to heaven for Queensland’s tourism industry, further attracting Chinese tourists to Queensland for vacation.

As a tourist resort state, Queensland has many famous destinations. Whether it is family vacation, romantic travel or to explore the vibrant urban lifestyle, Queensland can meet everyone’s needs.The conference will bring the latest development and real -time information of Queensland’s destinations to Chinese tourists.The Queensland Government and Tourism Bureau will conduct face -to -face exchanges with travel agency partners, airline representatives and media guests to strengthen their strategic partnerships on both sides and attract more Chinese tourists.



Recently, the New Zealand Tourism Bureau officially launched a mascot in the Chinese market, the parrot Kimi, hoping to use cute and rare animal to be the “best guide” of Chinese tourists to strengthen the emotional connection between New Zealand and Chinese tourists.As a friendly and risky role, Kimi will encourage Chinese tourists to experience the beautiful land of New Zealand with curiosity and exploring spiritual spirit.

Kimi’s design prototype is derived from the parrot. It is a unique species in New Zealand. It is good at walking and climbing, and explores the forest with legs.The parrot Kimi has enthusiasm, brave, optimistic, and curious spiritual characteristics. It will show New Zealand’s multi -faceted charm from a unique perspective, and recommend the hidden tourist location and unique experience on social media.As the mascot of the New Zealand Tourism Bureau, the Parrot Kimi will show Chinese tourists’ magnificent natural scenery and rich and diverse culture to Chinese tourists in more interesting ways, stimulating the enthusiasm of Chinese tourists in depth.

1. Da Mei Aviation Machine Booking Service Expand to Dami Zunshang Economy Class

Da Mei Airlines began to launch a number of upgrade services in March, including providing service reservation services for Zunshang Economic Class passengers.Passengers can choose their favorite main dishes in advance through the links of Fly Delta mobile APP or email within seven days to 24 hours before travel. Previously, the meal reservation service was only suitable for Zhizhen business class passengers.In the Sino -US flight this spring, Damei Zunshang Economy Class passengers can “choose one” among the three main cuisines.In addition, Dami Zunshang Economy Class passengers enjoy more rest and stretching space. The seats are more spacious and can be tilted with greater angles. Both pedal and leg support can be adjusted.These upgrade services improve the extreme experience of Daimei Airlines, and also provides better on -board supplies and more personalized choices.

2. Emirates Skycargo’s Freight Department Expand the Digital Market Channel

The Ministry of Freight of the Emirates Skycargo has launched the platform, one of the three digital markets in the field of air logistics.Through cooperation with, the Department of Freight of the Skycargo of the UAE Airlines has enhanced its advanced digital distribution strategy dominated by customers, and provided UAE aviation freight services on the customer’s expectation platform.Customers can learn about the flight timetable, freight and contract rates of the Department of Freight of the Department of Freight of the Skycargo Ministry of Freight on the platform, as well as real -time information that available capacity can be available at any time.The four core products of the Ministry of Freightning, the Ministry of Freight of the Emirates, have also been launched on, including cold chain services, emergency cargo transportation services and general cargo transportation services.The cooperation will be carried out in some European countries and gradually expand to the Americas, Africa, Far East and Australia.

3. Korean Air announced that it will order 33 aircraft planes

Recently, Korean Air announced that it would order 33 aircraft from Airbus, with a total value of US $ 13.7 billion, including 27 A350-1000 and 6 A350-900.

The most ordered A350-1000 is the largest model in the A350 series. Compared with similar models, the A350-1000 uses advanced composite materials, which can reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 25%.Under the standard three-cabin configuration, A350-1000 can accommodate 350 to 410 passengers.At the same time, the A350-1000 is also the longest model of flying in the existing passenger aircraft, with a maximum load of 16,000 kilometers.The A350-900 in the A350 series can accommodate 300 to 350 passengers, with a maximum range of 15,370 kilometers, which is equivalent to the eastern cities such as the United States such as Incheon to New York.

In the future, Korean Air plans to gradually eliminate old planes and use newly ordered aircraft to operate for a long -term fleet.This is not only a preparation for the merger of Korean Airlines to merge with South Korea and Asian Airlines, but also the continuous efforts of Korean Airlines to ensure safe operations, achieve fleet modernization, and complete sustainable development goals.   




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