Yan Lili, the founder of Yangon Bowen School in Myanmar: Using education as a bridge to promote the people’s hearts

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Tea art class carried out in Bowen School.Drawing

Yan Lili is one of the founders of Yangon Bowen School in Myanmar.Ten years ago, because of her husband’s work change, the Yan Lili family settled in Myanmar.During my life in Myanmar, she found that Myanmar students needed a very large demand for learning Chinese. In 2016, she and her friends began to prepare for the creation of Bowen School. After a year of careful preparation, the school officially enrolled in class in September 2017.

Since the establishment of the school, it has continuously achieved achievements in Chinese education, helping China -Myanmar cultural exchanges and educational cooperation.The school covers all sections from kindergartens to high school, and the number of students in the school currently exceeds 1,000.

Yan Lili is full of enthusiasm and confidence in education. Under her leadership, the school is not only committed to teaching Chinese language knowledge, but also pays attention to strengthening cultural heritage and multi -ethnic exchanges.

Yan Lili said that the promotion of Chinese education has a positive role in promoting the cultural and economic development of China and Myanmar.”What makes me feel most here is that I am promoting the spread of Chinese education overseas.” Yan Lili said that in the past 6 years, Bowen School has received the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, the China Rural Development Foundation, and the Ministry of Education of Myanmar.Waiting for multiple support.

In 2023, Bowen School has expanded Chinese teaching to many schools in Yangon, such as the elementary school of Network International School and extra -curricular Chinese courses in junior high school.In addition, the school also undertakes some training programs of Yangon’s Chinese Cultural Center, such as tea art classes, traditional Chinese dance classes, and calligraphy classes.Yan Lili believes that China -Myanmar’s cultural exchanges and mutual learning will be stable and far from the efforts of all walks of life.”Bowen School is committed to strengthening cultural exchanges and educational cooperation between China and Myanmar, and contributing his own strength to promoting good international exchanges and cultural heritage.”

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