Commercial complex creation new experience

Communicate the new expansion of consumer scenes, immerse and interact to create a leisure atmosphere

Commercial complex creation new experience

  This year’s “Government Work Report” proposes that “focus on expanding domestic demand and promote the economic realization of a virtuous cycle” “cultivation and strengthening new consumption.Commercial complexes are important consumer places.Various localities follow the trend of consumption upgrades to promote the innovation and development of commercial comprehensive body. By expanding consumption scenarios, increasing new products, new services, and new experiences, enriching diversified formats, providing consumers with better products and services, and continuously stimulating potential consumption.

  New demand traction new supply, turn “traffic” into “retention”

  At the beginning of the lantern, the top floor of the Shanghai Jing’an Dayue City was full of people.People eat skewers, shabu -shabu, and enjoy leisure time.

  ”It is difficult to find a holiday, and you need to book a seat three days in advance.” Guo Jia, the manager of Shanghai Haidilao Area, said that once the top night market on the top of the Yuecheng Tower was launched, it was welcomed by customers.

  ”In 2023, the total turnover of 10 restaurants in Tiantai at night reached 130 million yuan, which was three times the previous turnover.” Wang Yan, general manager of Shanghai Jing’an Dayue City, said.

  On the basis of traditional night markets such as trendy night markets and cultural and creative markets, Shanghai Jing’an District promotes commercial complexes from the ground to higher terraces and rooftops, creating a night purchase, night food, night entertainment, night show, night, nightThe “terrace economy” of the movement enriches the new space, new model, and new products of night consumption.

  As a more active commercial complex in Shanghai, Jing’an Dayue City is one of the shopping malls that start to try the innovation of consumer scenes earlier.”Within 3 kilometers around us, there are more than 50 commercial complexes. If you want to stand out in the field of mass consumption, you must continue to make new consumption scenarios and bring new consumer experience.” Wang Yan said.

  ”Set the high vacuum rooftop as the outer area of the shopping mall. These spaces through the development of the scenario format, creating a leisure atmosphere, immersive interaction, continuously stimulating the vitality of urban consumption, and release of the potential of economic growth.” Shanghai University of Finance and EconomicsThe director of the center of the center said that from the perspective of long -term development, external operations require scientific planning and management, and promote the integration of the night economy, comprehensive economy, and characteristic neighborhood economy of the city, making it a distinctive economy of the city.

  At present, Jing’an Dayue City has gradually treated the reputation of IP offline consumption, especially favored by young customers.”On weekends, young consumers in the Yangtze River Delta often carry their suitcases to visit Da Yuecheng. They also buy IP derivatives and dine in related theme restaurants when taking pictures and punch cards.” Wang Yan said.

  Last year, Jing’an Dayue City held a total of 24 IP exhibitions+pop -up shop activities, setting a sales performance of nearly 100 million yuan, of which 5 of them exceeded 10 million yuan.In 2023, the passenger flow of Jing’an Dayue City increased by 30%over 2021, and sales increased by 33%, a new high since opening.

  Lao Lingling believes that Shanghai, as an international consumer center city, is closely connected with the world trend. At the same time, there are many old -fashioned samples, which can develop many brand joint innovation products.In the process of innovation and development, commercial complexes create new scenes and gain attention. It is only the first step to attract passenger flow. With good products and good services, we can truly form a continuous attraction and turn “traffic” into “retention”Essence

  Follow up the trend of market changes and play the role of the first store

  ”I bought it! This is a limited edition pink handbag.” Not long ago, a well -known brand store on the first floor of Zhengzhou David City, Henan opened the door to open the door. Wang Luhan, 32, who came here, bought his favorite handbag.”I heard that this brand opened the first store in Henan in David, so she came to see it.” She told reporters.On the day of opening, the brand store passed more than 2,000.

  David is located in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, and is one of the commercial complexes of Zhengzhou.”The first store economy is one of our main selling points.” Yang Peng, deputy general manager of David City, told reporters that more and more high -end and trend brands at home and abroad are aimed at Henan’s large market and chose to settle in Zhengzhou. “Thanks to DavidIn the 9 years of the city’s accumulated popularity and superior geographical location, many brands have opened their first stores in Henan. New brands can often attract new passenger flow, which is also a great promotion of our development. “According to statistics,David City in 2023 reached nearly 27 million passengers, with sales of 9.4 billion yuan.

  Zhengzhou Jinshui District regards David’s first store economy as one of the highlights of the economic development of the region, and supports it to attract brands at home and abroad.In the past three years, 199 well -known brands at home and abroad chose to settle in David City in the first store in Henan and even central China.

  Many customers are buying sports equipment at the Kaile Stone Mountain Concept Store on the fourth floor of David.”Sports and fitness are the current trend and a new growth point for consumption.” Yang Peng said, “In accordance with this trend, David introduced a series of sports brands. Following the trend of consumption and continuously updating ourselves, we continued to attract ourselves.The key to passenger flow. “

  With the continuous growth of new consumption such as digital consumption, green consumption, and health consumption, the consumer market has ushered in new opportunities.Commercial complexes capture the trend in a timely manner, complete iterative updates according to the needs of the public, and continuously improve the supply quality of new consumer products and services.

  ”Commercial complex plays an important role in meeting the shopping needs of residents and improving the consumption level of the city, and has also become an important landmark of a city.” Said Nian Yanhui, an associate professor at Zhengzhou University Business School, “In order to improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of commercial complexesIt should work hard in the aspect of clarifying market positioning and adjusting format combinations. “

  Enrich the service to improve services and continuously improve the consumer experience

  ”Putting the center of gravity back on the tail of the board, relaxing the upper body, and looking forward …” In the Changsha Gathering Sea Lion Surfing Experience Hall in Changsha, Hunan, the coach is instructing the students to be familiar with the basic movement of surfing. After tens of minutes, everyone can already complete it in the water to complete the water.Simple gliding.

  ”It is very interesting, especially suitable for the weekend to relax and entertain with friends.” Mr. Xiao, who had just completed the experience, told reporters.

  In order to bring a richer experience to consumers, in 2023, Changsha Huiju created a leisurely living space, bringing together a variety of formats such as catering, sports, leisure and health.The business complex incorporates many fresh experience spaces. For example, the Huiwan House is a free graffiti space created for friends of all ages. Whether you have learned painting or not, you can come here to start an impromptu creation.

  ”Today, consumers are more pursuing fashion, novelty, and experience, paying attention to social atmosphere. In response to these characteristics, we focus on the choice of tenants to focus on experience formats, mainly social, entertainment and preferred lifestyle brands.”General Manager Wang Jian introduced that at present, more than 380 high -quality special brands have been selected here.

  On social platforms, Changsha Huiju was praised by parents as “parent -child friendly shopping malls” and launched a lot of warmth measures: each floor has set up a mother and baby room to design an exclusive bathroom for children.Children’s paradise.In addition, the mall introduced 3D puzzles, puzzle museums, racing cars and other formats suitable for parent -child experience.”Many parents come to the mall with their children. We strive to create a safe and assured and good shopping environment for customers.” Wang Jian introduced.

  Yang Qingsong, Secretary -General of the China Department Store Business Association, believes that large -scale commercial complexes are facing fierce competition and must focus on transforming and breakthroughs.Experience and trendy business is a very important breakthrough point. It focuses on entertainment, curation, and tide. Young people find a sense of belonging here. Everyone interacts, communicates, and shares can also drive group consumption as a whole.

  In 2023, the total retail sales of consumer goods in my country reached 4.7.1 trillion yuan, a total of a record high, an increase of 7.2%over the previous year. The contribution rate of consumption to economic growth has reached 82.5%, and the basic role of consumption is more significant.This year’s “Government Work Report” proposed that “cultivating and strengthening new consumption, implementing digital consumption, green consumption, and health consumption promotion policies, and actively cultivated new consumption growth points such as smart homes, entertainment tourism, sports events, and domestic products.”

  Yang Qingsong believes that under the demand for new consumption, “fashion, quality, entertainment, and humanities” are all representative elements of business in the new era, and it is also a characteristic that large commercial complexes need to have.The development of commercial complexs should be fully considered the combination of current planning and future commercial development, and the combination of engineering design and commercial needs, and then provides consumers with a richer consumer experience.

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