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Last Friday, the Yantian Business District “went to the new”, the first store in Shenzhen was officially opened. Fresh ingredients, fashion tide products, and household items were all available. Customers were profitable.The Peng -Guangda Mountain Sea City where Wanfu Supermarket is located is the newly built business district of Yantian.The commercial area of the business district is 30,000 square meters, which is a collection of cultural life in Shanhai Cultural Life, which integrates leisure, social, entertainment, food, tourism, culture, and music.
“Yan Tian is getting better and better.” This is a resident of life and work in Yantian, and at the same time, it is also an intuitive feeling of coming to salt tourists.Behind this, the government launched a targeted “policy package” in a timely manner, preparing to be full of real gold and silver, and effectively “warming” consumption and “prosperous” urban areas.
“First Store” landed successively
Activate the “flow valve” in the urban area
“We look at the opposite side and you can see the cloud sea park on the top of the mountain. It takes more than an hour to climb the mountain. You can visit the street for a meal.At the invitation matchmaking meeting after the ceremony, Zhang Qixin, vice president of Peng Guangda Group, introduced.
On the same day, representatives of government and enterprises gathered together.The No. 1 Pengguangda Bay Area where the conference room of the China Merchants Conference is located is the highest office building in Yantian.The high -level conference room landed on the floor of the glass windows, and the green mountains on the top of the mountain were clearly visible.
It is understood that in the future, the area will also build about 5,000 square meters of Peng Guangda Mountain Sea City Pedestrian Street and Shanhai City Night River City.Stations, high -quality hotels and donkey friends stations, camping bases, and children’s kingdoms are carriers, forming a unique characteristic commercial district of Yantian.
During the upcoming May 1st holiday, the first MGM Hotel in Shenzhen will also appear in Yantian.The reservation that opened on the eve of the official opening was very popular.These are the epitome of Yantian’s “consumption”.The “first shop” landed in Yantian successively, activating the “flow valve” in the urban area.At present, Shenzhen has vigorously promoted the construction of the international consumer center cities, and has compiled the “Shenzhen Business Outlet Plan (2023-2035)”, including 5 world-class business districts and 7 national-level business districts.Shatoujiao Shenzhen -Hong Kong integration business district has been included in 7 national -level business districts. Since 2023, Yantian District has comprehensively promoted the quality upgrade of the business district in accordance with the benchmark world -class business district.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Industrial and Information Bureau of Yantian District, in order to ensure the realization of the blueprint for the construction of the world -class business district, Yantian District took multiple measures to take advantage of the “one work class, a recent construction plan, a mid -term plan, a global promotion plan, one one -time promotion plan, one oneThe work deployment of the list of construction projects, a brand introduction and cultivation list, and a group of strategic consulting agencies “, comprehensively integrate resource forces, and form” project packages, policy packages, tool packages “.At the scene of the China Merchants Merchants, the head of the department introduced the “policy package” to the representatives of the company.
Exclusive “Policy Pack”
Distinctive features,Be full of sincerity
What are the highlights of Yantian’s exclusive “policy package”?
The first is the distinctive characteristics, focusing on “Shenzhen -Hong Kong Consumption”.It can be found that the relevant industrial policies of Yantian in recent years can find that the policy put forward targeted support policies for key industries such as shipping logistics, gold jewelry, global tourism, life and health.The role of guidance and help.Recently, Yantian District combined with the “Yantian District to build a modern industrial system to promote high -quality economic development support methods”, and specially introduced support measures for “supporting Shenzhen -Hong Kong Consumption and commercial high -end development”.This is also the first time that the policy has listed this content as a chapter alone.With the geographical advantages connected to Hong Kong’s water and land, the Shenzhen -Hong Kong consumption is just at the time.Related measures include supporting the old Chinese names, the Hong Kong local native name, Michelin, Black Pearl and other catering brands and well -known retail brands at home and abroad in Yantian District to provide up to 10 million yuan.
Secondly, the goal is clear, that is, the quality of the business format is upgraded.The launch of the first store is becoming a new highlight of the consumer market, reflecting the fashion and business vitality of the region, and at the same time, it will effectively promote the improvement of regional formats.Behind the “first store” is that Yantian encouraged well -known retail and catering consumer brands at home and abroad to deploy the first store in Shenzhen and Yantian in Yantian District, and graded up to 10 million yuan in support.Relevant departments encourage consumer brands such as well -known retail and catering at home and abroad to hold brand starting ceremony in Yantian District, giving up to one million yuan.For existing facilities, the government encourages commercial complexes and commercial block operating units to improve hardware improvement and environmental transformation of commercial facilities.
Furthermore, sincerity is full, support is the forefront of the city.”Policy package” is also a “big gift package”.According to the relevant person in charge of the Yantian District Industry and Information Bureau, the support of many of the above measures is at the forefront of the city.In addition, relevant departments also support the expansion of Yantian’s local brands, encourage consumer brands and online celebrities to come to Yantian District to lay out, and give a newly opened store for the recognized brand to give a single enterprise for a one million yuan decoration and equipment purchase funding for a single enterprise.Support commercial complexes and commercial district operation units to carry out various types of promotional activities in accordance with important holidays, and grading will give a maximum funding for one million yuan per year.Yantian will also support the characteristic business district (pedestrian street) and night economic demonstration zone.For the characteristic business district (pedestrian street) or the night economic demonstration block that has been supported by Shenzhen’s policy support, it will give 1: 1 supporting support according to its amount of support for the support of the municipal capital, with a maximum of 10 million yuan award.
Consumption “warms” can the economy “get hot”.With more and more well -known brands settled in Yantian, the regional brand agglomeration has continued to increase, and the benchmark core business district has risen, thereby driving the upgrade and iteration of the overall image of the urban area to “add tiles” for high -quality development.
Text | Reporter Lin Yuan

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