Sharing experience of Ningbo Fenghua District on the "One Hour of the Earth"

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  On March 23, the “One Hour of the Earth” in 2024 China’s home -site city event was held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.This is the first time that after the 2023 Ministry of Ecological and Environment’s Propaganda Education Center cooperated with the World Natural Foundation (Switzerland) Beijing Representative Office, it was the first time that the event was held nationwide in one home city and multiple participating cities.The People’s Government of Fenghua District shared the experience of green and low -carbon development as the only grass -roots unit in Zhejiang Province.

Fenghua District was invited to share experience.Correspondent drawing

  Earth Hour is a global energy -saving activity proposed by the World Nature Foundation (WWF) to respond to global climate change. It is advocated at 20:30 in the evening of the last Saturday of March each year (2024 Earth Hour Hour Hour Hour Hour Hour in 2024 Earth Hour in 2024 Earth hours in the Earth Hour in 2024 Earth hours in the Earth Hour in 2024 Earth hours in 2024 Earth hours in the Earth Hour in 2024 Earth hours in 2024 Earth hours in the Earth Hour in 2024 Earth hours in 2024 Earth hours in the Earth Hour in 2024 Earth Hour.The time was 20:30 on the evening of March 30), and the home and business users turned off unnecessary electric lights and power consumption products for one hour to show that they correspond to support for climate change actions.

  In this year’s home event, the People’s Government of Fenghua District, as the only grass -roots unit in Zhejiang to participate in the “Low -Carbon Development Local Practice Sharing” seminar, and exchanged and shared the district’s green and low -carbon development experience.

  Fenghua places to the southern wing of the Delta and the East China Sea. The ecological environment is beautiful, the forest coverage rate is 66%, and the tourism resources are rich.Fenghua is based on the unique natural advantages of the natural advantage, always practicing the development concept of “green mountains and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains”, coordinated carbon reduction, dirt reduction, greening, and growth.The road of high -quality development of nature and harmony.

  Fenghua green and low -carbon development practice has always been at the forefront of the province.Wait for honor titles.

  In recent years, Fenghua has entered the main line with the entry of the National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone and the “Green Water and Qingshan is the Golden Mountains and Silver Mountain” practice innovation base.A series of tasks such as the upgrading of the green industry to explore the road suitable for the development of green and low -carbon development.

  Fenghua continues to promote the comprehensive ecological environment, focusing on the three major pollution prevention and control of blue water, blue sky, and pure land.In -depth promotion of the improvement of water quality, the guidance of the water quality of the section surface, and complete the tasks of investigation, traceability, monitoring, and rectification of entering the river and entering the sea.The excellent water quality rate of 15 surface water assessment sections in the district is 100%, and the environmental functions of the surface water control and above of 11 municipal controls and above are 100%.Promote the freshness of the air, carry out the prevention of dust and ozone pollution prevention, deepen the VOCS source replacement, speed up the elimination of old diesel trucks, and strengthen the control of straw incineration. In 2023, the environmental air excellence rate reached 94.2%.Promote the cleanliness of the Pure Land and Clearing Waste, accelerate the construction of industrial solid waste and hazardous waste collection and transportation system, and pilot the pilot pilot of industrial solid waste “buses”, effectively solve the problem of unclear sources of general industrial solid waste in the park, and the amount of industrial solid waste disposal.Increase 3.4 times before the pilot.

  Fenghua vigorously develops new quality productive forces, develops rural tourism, leisure agriculture, accelerate the green transformation of development methods, and promote the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas with green development.The peach peach industry cluster, which is led by Peach as the leader and flower appreciation. It can attract more than 400,000 tourists each year and create a high -end brand of “Happy Peach”. In 2023, the total output of Taoyuan in Fenghua District is 38,000.Tons increased by 8.6%compared with the previous year’s 35,000 tons; the total output value was 524 million yuan, an increase of 6.7%over the previous year.

  At the same time, Fenghua uses Shanhai resources such as Xue Dou Mountain and Ningbo Bay to integrate ecological elements to accelerate the development of new formats such as rural tourism and boutique homestays.In 2023, Fenghua received 4.8335 million tourists at home and abroad, and achieved total tourism revenue of 6.128 billion yuan.

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