Article 23 Legislativeity | Chen Maobo: Hong Kong has completed the constitutional responsibility business environment more stable

Chen Maobo, the director of the Financial Secretary, said that the Legislative Council passed the “Maintenance of the National Security Regulations” earlier and completed the legislative work of Article 23 of the Basic Law to complete the constitutional responsibility of Hong Kong. At the same time, the business environment of Hong Kong was more stable., Seek development, benefit people’s livelihood.

Chen Maobo attended the signing ceremony of the cooperation memorandum of the cooperation between the Mainland, ASEAN and Hong Kong Textile Industry Chamber of Commerce and a speech in the “Belt and Road” seminars in Hong Kong’s textiles and clothing industry. In recent years, the international trade pattern has undergone profound changes and must deal with deployment in a timely manner.He pointed out that although the traditional European and American markets are still important in the export of goods in Hong Kong, the proportion has declined significantly. In contrast, the proportion of exports to ASEAN has increased from 6.1%in 2003 to 7.9%last year, becoming the second largest export market in Hong Kong.He believes that the development of industrial division of industries between the Mainland, ASEAN and Hong Kong, and even the supply chain layout.

He estimates that there are more than 50,000 medium -sized manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta.Value -added services, Hong Kong can create higher value for the multinational business of enterprises and manufacturers.

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