The whole environment stands a tree -Baishan Town of the West Coast New District: Inherit the spirit of Lei Feng’s spirit to continue writing the story of Lei Feng in the new era March 21st. In order to promote the spirit of Lei Feng, inherit the fine tradition, show the demeanor of retired soldiers, and create a strong atmosphere of the full environment.The Volunteer Service Month of the Rongjun Pioneer was held in Baoshan Primary School.

Baoshan Town Retirement Military Service Station and Town Armed Force Department launched veterans into the campus in Baoshan Elementary School. The Red Public Speaker of Baoshan Town’s retired soldiers participating in the veteran representative Liu Jinxue and the armed officer Deng Tao appeared in the school.The spirit, the national defense education, inheriting the patriotic spirit, conservation of the newcomers in the times with red culture, and continuing to write the story of Lei Feng in the new era.

At the beginning of the event, the representatives of the outstanding student presented a bright red scarf to the two veterans, paid tribute to the veterans, and welcome everyone to come.The red preaching team participated in the veteran representative Liu Jinxue to tell his military career, tell the cruelty of the war, tell the hardships of the good life, and let the students feel the heroic and firm belief of the soldiers.The veteran said that their comrades had worn the gunbolt rain on the battlefield and guarded national security. Now, they take off their military uniforms, and some return to their hometown obligations to build roads and bridges for the villagers; some join the retired soldiers volunteer service team,The poverty alleviation, helping the old help the disabled, and practice Lei Feng’s spirit with practical actions.Their story deeply moved everyone present, after retired soldiers, inheriting the spirit of Lei Feng on the new battlefield, and continued to write the youth chapter.Deng Tao, an armed officer who was also a retired soldier, listened to the speech of the veteran Liu Jinxue and said he was proud of himself as a retired soldier, and then introduced “our motherland”, “what is national defense”, “inherit the spirit of Lei Feng, and plant the national defense”.In three aspects, we will conduct national defense education, interact with the students cordially, and encourage students to keep in mind “young people are strong and strong.”

The speeches of the veterans are full of passion. Liu Jinxue said that Lei Feng’s spirit is a spirit of loving the motherland, love of the people, and love. It inspires generations of young people to move forward and work hard to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.He told students to keep in mind the spirit of Lei Feng. In the process of growing up, he always kept a red heart, incorporated Lei Feng’s spirit into learning and life, and strived to become a useful person and contributed to social development.He was full of care and expectations for students, which made the students feel warm and encouraged, inspiring the students’ strong patriotic feelings and awareness.Students have stated that they must internalize the spirit of Lei Feng in their hearts, externalize them, and work hard for the happy life of the people!

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