Hunan Cili: "Return to the merchant"

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Hou Tiefu, Secretary of the Cili County Party Committee (first from left), awarded medals and honorary certificates to some caring companies and caring people.(Photo/Li Jinglin shooting)
Zhang Xiaoqing, deputy secretary of the Cili County Party Committee, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and the leader of the Education Work Leading Group of the County Party Committee, awarded medals and honorary certificates to some caring enterprises and caring people.
On -site fundraising session.
On -site fundraising session.
Red Net Moment Journalist Quan Jiang Ling Cili Report
Fangfei April, spring is full of spring.
On the afternoon of April 2nd, the Seminar of the Education Fund donated funds and the “return” seminar in the 2024 Education Fund of Cili County was held in the conference room of the Wanfu Hotel in the county.This activity with the theme of “Education Fund ‘Sangzi Love, Dream Building the Future'” has attracted more than 140 Cili entrepreneurs and caring people to gather together to help schools, seek education in the future, help Cili education high highQuality development.
“The word” Cili “is profound. The original intention of ‘kindness’ is compassion, and the direction of’ Li” is the benefit of all beings. Throughout the ages, support and establishment of education are a great job, showing the countless merits.With a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs and Xinxiang Xianzhiyuan, love Sangzi, donating money and teaching, it has greatly spurred the new picture of Cili students to grow up and their hometown education pictures.Care, support, and assistance! “At the event, Hou Tiefu’s sincere speech of the Cili County Party Committee Secretary Hou Tiefu resonated and applauded the Cili entrepreneurs and caring people.
After reading the fundraising proposal, representatives of caring entrepreneurs successively appeared on the stage, opening up their hearts, not only telling the story of their own school, employment to successful entrepreneurship, but also made her sincere face jump into their eyes, a pile of love for loveGood deeds surface.
Zhao Guofeng, known as the “Legend of Tujia Confucianism” by his hometown, has developed in Tianjin for many years.Over the years, his experience, knowledge, and identity have been changing, but what is constant is the heart of the redness of his hometown.When he returned to his homeland, he not only generously donated funds and donated materials, but also cooperated with universities to set up “scholarships”, which invested 200,000 yuan each year to help school dreams.And insist on selecting 2 to 3 poor students at the local Zhaojiagang Middle School each year, funding high school and university.Today, his love is still continuing.
Tian Youbing, president of the Cili Chamber of Commerce in Changsha City, was originally from a native of Pianchu Village, Xiangtai Town, Cili County.”I have worked hard for many years, and I have always had a strong hometown complex.” Because of this feelings, Tian Youbing started from 1983 and squeezed out and raised funds many times to buy transformers, solar street lights, electric fans, computers, multimedia and other life and teaching.Urgently need materials to improve the conditions and infrastructure of hometown.With the continuous development of his career, the strength of Sangzi has also increased. As of now, he has donated money to his hometown to more than RMB 7.27 million.
The micro -light into the Xinghe River.In the subsequent on -site fundraising session, caring entrepreneurs took out their mobile phones to scan the code to donate, and jointly created the love atmosphere of “everyone picking firewood and flames”.As of the day, a total of 17.479 million yuan in cash and supplies through online and offline fundraising.
It is understood that for a long time, the Cili County Party Committee and the County Government attach great importance to the development of education. While increasing capital investment, improving policies and measures, giving full play to the power of alumni, widely proposed all units, all party members, cadres, people from all walks of life, love, love, loveEnterprises and the vast number of Cili lovers who have developed in the field actively participated in Sangzi Qingzhong donation funding activities.
It is to adhere to the priority development of education, and Cili has formed a good situation of “party and government education, department support, education and education, social teaching assistants”.
—— Today, the atmosphere of Cili has become increasingly strong.In recent years, Cili has successively won the fifth batch of “Education Strong County”, “Education True Education, Education True Inspiration and Incentives”, “National Compulsory Education Quality Monitoring Outstanding Organization Unit”, “Hunan Province High School Education Quality Progress the Fastest County”Wait.
—— Today, Cili’s school conditions have improved significantly.In recent years, Cili has successively established 80 provincial -level rural compulsory education qualified schools, 32 provincial -level rural public center kindergartens, and 100 standardized teaching sites. It has reached more than 6,7900 students and more than 1,5400 children in garden.The new Cili is new, expanded Bancheng North Middle School, Yiming Middle School, repair and transform the student dormitory building, and Cili No.1 Middle School is included in the “Xuteli Teaching Building Project” of ordinary high schools in Hunan Province.
—— Today, the quality of Cili education has improved significantly.In early 2023, there were 594 students with a score of 600 or more in the county, accounting for 42%in the city; the monitoring quality of compulsory education subjects ranked first in the city, with an average level of the same subject in the province of 20 or more; 2023 college entrance examinations in 2023, Peking University Tsinghua has 8 people, admitted 5 people, 5 pilots, and more than 1,300 people on the line.
——This now, Cili donated funds to teach very enthusiastic.Since advocating the establishment of the Cili County Education Foundation in 2001, a total of 35.67 million yuan in good funds (charitable projects) has been received and introduced by 4,589 primary and secondary school students and 1,243 university freshmen to successfully complete their studies and helped 1123 teachers to survive the dilemma of life.To improve teaching facilities and equipment for 42 weak primary and secondary schools.
Congress of Cherishi Ziqing and seek the development of education for education.In the afternoon of the same day, the Cili County Education Foundation also issued medals to some caring companies, issued honorary certificates to caring people, and conducted discussions and exchanges.

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