Regional Economic Observation | The top -level design of the ecological environment partition control is released. What signals are released?

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On March 17, “the Communist Party of ChinaCentral Office Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Management and Control of Ecological Environment “(hereinafter referred to as” Opinions “) were released.”Ecological Environmental District Management and Control” is aimed at ensuring ecological functions and improving environmental quality. The environmental management system of differentiated and accurate management and control is implemented.Construction activities.

In terms of environmental protection regulations in different regions, my country has already had the Yangtze River Protection Law, the Yellow River Protection Law, the Hainan Free Trade Port Law, the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Ecological Protection Law, the Marine Environmental Protection Law and 43 local regulations. The implementation of the management of ecological environment admission lists shall be stipulated.”Opinions” played a role in policy leadership.The overall requirements include: adhere to ecological priority, green development; adhere to the source prevention, systematic protection; adhere to accurate science, control and control according to law; adhere to clarifying responsibilities, coordination and linkage.

What is the core framework of the Opinion?How to cooperate with other central policies about ecological environmental protection?How to guide the relationship between environment and development and help regional planning industry construction?The interface think tank will interpret readers.

The “three control lines” mentioned in the “Opinions” have long appeared in my country’s environmental protection work. In the “Opinions on Strengthening the Key Work of Enhancement Environmental Protection” issued by the State Council in 2011, there is a statement that delineates the ecological red line. Later Extension to the three control lines of ecological protection red lines, bottom lines for environmental quality, and resource use.Among them, the red line of ecological protection is different from the 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land red line set by the Ministry of Land and Resources to ensure the safety of food safety, but it also serves the goal of optimizing the protection of land and space development.

In 2023, the Ministry of Natural Resources, together with the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau, combined with the “National Land and Space Planning Outline (2021-2035)”, designated the national ecological protection red line: the national ecological protection red line is not less than 3.15 millionIn the square kilometers, the red line of the land ecological protection of the land area is not less than 3 million square kilometers, accounting for more than 30%of the land area of the land, and the red line of the marine ecological protection is not less than 150,000 square kilometers.The bottom line of environmental quality and the use of resource use is the corresponding management and control goals in the region and stages.

In the past 10 years, the policy and concept of the “three control lines” have gradually become clear, and the systematic control system for systematic control is gradually formed, including the administrative order from the central government to the relevant departments, and promoted the environmental protection law.Law and administrative regulations “Measures for Ecological Environmental Administrative Penalties” and so on. 

According to the video released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Birth of the Birth of Ecological Environmental Parts, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment from four cities (Jinan, Ordos, Lianyungang, Chengde)At the beginning of the “three -line and one order” pilot, it gradually formed the control system covering the nation’s ecological environment partition.The core framework of “Opinions” is the “two -level, three types and one list”.The two levels are divided into provincial and municipal levels; three categories refer to priority protection units, key management and control units, and general management and control units; the first order refers to the list of ecological environment access.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment stated that as of the end of 2021, the management and control scheme of the ecological environment of the province and municipalities across the country has fully completed the government’s review and implementation.The nation’s (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) a total of about 40,000 ecological environmental control units: draw out the protection area to form a priority protection unit (referring to the areas mainly based on ecological environmental protection, mainly including ecological protection red lines, natural protection for nature protection, Drinking the water source protection area, accounting for 55%of the country’s area); divided the development of the area with outstanding contradictions with the protection of protection, forming a key control unit (15%of the country’s area);30%).The system integrates ecological protection of the red line, environmental quality bottom line, and resource utilization of hard constraints to form a list of ecological environment admission, implement differentiated and accurate management and control of ecological environment, and regional divisions, and to develop a bright bottom line and frame.

Since the release of the “Opinions on Comprehensive Promoting Beauty China Construction” in January 2024, the various goals mentioned in “Beautiful China Construction” have also introduced relevant policies.

The “Beautiful China Construction” goal is to form a green production lifestyle widely by 2035. After the carbon emissions reaches the peak, it has dropped steadily, the ecological environment has improved at all, and the new pattern of land and space development and protection is fully formed.

One of the goals of this “Opinions” is also the fundamental improvement of the ecological environment and the beautiful Chinese goals.The “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the establishment of a modern ecological environment monitoring system” provides auxiliary tools for the management and control of ecological environment partitions. It is necessary to simultaneously build a modern ecological environment monitoring system in 2035.

In the “Beautiful China Construction”, the carbon peak targets mentioned in 2022 issued the “Implementation Plan for Pouring the Carbon and Efficiency Improvement” in 2022.Policies synergy: “Carry out the pilot pilot to reduce the pollution reduction and reduce carbon reduction collaborative pilots, and study and implement a differentiated regulation policy based on carbon emissions and pollutant emissions.”

On January 25, 2024, Prime Minister of the State CouncilLi QiangSigned the State Council Order No. 775 to announce the “Interim Regulations on the Management of Carbon Emissions Transaction Transactions” (referred to as the “Regulations”), which will be implemented on May 1 this year.The Regulations stipulate that the State Council ’s ecological and environmental authorities have established a national management platform for carbon emission rights trading to strengthen the supervision of the entire process of carbon emissions transactions and related activities, and realize information sharing with relevant departments.

Ma Jun, director of the Public Environmental Research Center (IPE) and founder of the blue map, told the intersection think tank that after more than ten years of environmental governance, my country has made outstanding progress in air quality and water quality. Carbon reduction associations and high -quality development.In this process, my country faces the ecological environment challenges of different regions, and at the same time must respond to climate change. The achievements of these goals need to be managed from the central government to the province and cities. And perspective, “To some extent, a top -level design solution is required.”The construction of the “three -line one -order” institutional system can be said to be China’s institutional innovation.

The very important point of this “Opinions” is to provide decision -making references for various regions and departments.The Ministry of Ecology and Environment stated that the system can support the ecological environment, participate in macro -comprehensive decisions, improve the efficiency of ecological environment governance, and optimize the business environment, especially in policy formulation (involving departments such as the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Development and Reform Commission, the Agricultural Bureau, the Housing and Construction Bureau, etc.), Environmental access, park management (such as investment promotion work group), law enforcement supervision (whether the total emissions of the enterprise exceeds the standard) and other fields.

The “Opinions” mentioned the economic environment of the Yangtze River Basin, the Yellow River Basin, as well as the economic and environmental development direction of the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.For example, the Yangtze River Basin strengthens the prevention and control of water pollution and environmental risks along the Yangtze River, preventing heavy pollution enterprises and projects transfer to the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River;The industrial layout promotes the development of green and low -carbon circulation in midstream and lower reaches; the application of the management of ecological environment partitions in the industrial, energy and transportation structure adjustment of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, etc.

Article 7 “Promoting the Development of Green and Low -Carbon” mentioned that guiding key industries to regional scientific layout and orderly transfer to regional scientific layout and orderly transfer to the key industries with large environmental capacity, strong market demand, and good market guarantee conditions;The functional space of the high central urban area has retreated in an orderly manner.For example, the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region is based on the ecological protection red line and the bottom line of environmental quality, strictly industrially solve the requirements of ecological environment access, and reasonably guide the steel and petrochemical industries to gather to the coast.

In other words, the “Opinions” can provide a guidance framework for the industrial planning of the region and cities.On the one hand, the key industries must be adjusted to areas with larger environmental capacity, and on the other hand, the green low -carbon transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries is encouraged.Nowadays, the concept of “high -quality development” in my country has already extended more specific, including the development of “new productivity”, “strategic emerging industries”, and the use of low -carbon technology to launch “green productivity” part.In general, the “Opinions” will require industrial planning to refer to the “three -line one -order” framework.

“Some people may hear the ecological red line, and they feel that strict control will restrict economic development, but if we can use this full coverage and multi -element digital tools to improve the efficiency of ecological environmental risk recognition, so that enterprises and investors can be convenient to be convenientUnderstanding the regional environmental capacity and management and control requirements, it will not only help optimize the industrial layout, and do a good job of carbon reduction, pollution reduction and greening, but also reduce the cost of decision -making and development and construction, and help the high -quality development of socioeconomic and economy. “Ma Jun added to replenishmentIn the field of green finance, the ecological protection data map of the blue map has served a number of large financial institutions to assist in incorporating the “three -line and one order” standard into the risk control system during the loan review process.

The “Opinions” innovative in the technical means of partition control and supervision assessment.

In strengthening the sharing of information sharing of ecological environment partitions, promoting information sharing and business collaboration between the national and provincial ecological environment partition control systems and other business systems, and promoting the integration and innovation of new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, etc.The supervision and assessment chapters are mentioned that the use of technical means such as big data, satellite remote sensing, and drones to carry out dynamic monitoring, conduct on -site inspections on outstanding problems and risk hidden dangers discovered and strictly investigate and punish according to law.

According to the video data of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the basic functional construction has been completed in the management and control information platform of ecological environment partitions in various provinces, districts, municipalities, and municipalities across the country, and it can be launched. It can achieve a full view, one -click research and one -stop service.

Even so, the control of the ecological environment partition still requires a more complete information sharing platform and information collection method.In March of this year, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the establishment of a modern ecological environment monitoring system”, which will accelerate the establishment of a modern ecological environment monitoring system as an important task. It requires improvement, Groundwater, new pollutants and other monitoring capabilities construction, to achieve full coverage of carbon reduction, pollution reduction, and expansion of green collaborative monitoring.

In terms of environmental supervision, as the means of evading ecological and environmental supervision continue to innovate, the problem of data fraud occurred frequently.At the two sessions of this year, Huang Runqiu, Minister of Ecology and Environment, said that it has been rectified for four consecutive years with effective means such as supervision assistance, big data supervision, and even central ecological environmental protection inspectors.Further strengthen the “penetrating” supervision of big data plus artificial intelligence, and use science and technology to prevent data from fraud.

In addition, Pan Wenjing, a senior project manager of Green Heping Forest and Marine Project, found that the “Opinions” mentioned that “the construction of projects to support major national strategies, major infrastructure, people’s livelihood protection and other projects”.The premise of ensuring the diversity, stability, and continuity of the ecosystem “means that similar projects must prove that it will not have a destructive effect on the ecosystem before being approved.In the past policy documents, the provisions of the prohibited behavior of the protected areas usually have such as “except for major national projects”.The “Opinion” reflects the “ecological priority” principle.

Finally, the assessment requirements of the Opinions are also very strict and clear: the prominent issues that exist in the implementation of the ecological environment partition control system are included in the central and provincial ecological environmental protection inspectors;The results of the assessment are important references for the comprehensive assessment, rewards and punishments of local leadership teams and relevant leading cadres.

On the whole, from the “three -line and one order” management and control system, ecological environment management and control goals, to the application scenarios, technical means, assessment methods, organizational guarantee, and opinion of the management and control system, “Opinions” all gives perfect guidance.

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