37+11 vs. 39+10! 5-point margin of victory as NBA superstar is defeated! He may join the CBA next season

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Puerto Rico took on the Dominican Republic in the recently concluded Round of 16 group stage match. Puerto Rico started the game quickly and took the lead. Dominican Republic scored only four points in the first half, and their star, Towns, sat on the bench for an extended period of time after receiving a technical foul. Puerto Rico extended its lead to double digits in the second quarter, but Dominican adjusted in time and tied the game at 45-45 with a crushing three from midcourt.

Dominican maintained its form in the second half, scoring consecutive points and taking the lead. Downs contributed 19 points in one quarter to open the gap. However, Puerto Rico was resilient in the final quarter and gradually caught up. They scored five consecutive points at crucial moments and eventually narrowly defeated Dominican Republic.

37+11 vs. 39+10! 5-point margin of victory as NBA superstar is defeated! He may join the CBA next season

The game statistics show that Downs had a great performance in the Dominican team, scoring 39 points and 10 rebounds. On the other hand, Waters of Puerto Rico contributed a comprehensive 37 points, 7 rebounds and 11 assists. Waters stood out as a key support for Puerto Rico with his excellent shooting ability and leadership.

Although Puerto Rico had a mediocre performance in the group stage, they managed to beat the Dominican team, a victory that showed their strength. While Downs was outstanding, Puerto Rico was no slouch in terms of matchups and mental state. Waters came through in the crucial moments and won the victory for his team.

Previously, Waters has caught the attention of CBA teams, as his all-around play and great shooting ability make him an ideal choice for CBA teams. We are looking forward to seeing whether Waters will land in the CBA next season. In any case, let’s wait and see!

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