Ja Morant and Four Other Young Players Who Will Be the Face of the NBA in the Next Three Years

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Ja Morant is known for his rebellious personality in the league. He may make some mistakes, but that does not affect his fan base and commercial value. As a short guard, Morant is good at making stunning dunks in the game, which are visually explosive.

His style of play is loved by fans and also sought after in the business field. Even if he is just a stat-padder, he can bring huge benefits to the league. Therefore, we can still see Morant’s figure in the NBA in the next three years.

Yves Bamba has not yet debuted in the NBA, but his influence is already quite exaggerated. Many people regard him as a future star. However, his biggest problem is injury. As long as he can overcome this problem, he can at least be sure that he can at least become an All-Star level player.

As a 2.2-meter tall giant, Yves Bamba has unlimited sweeping ability, and he is also good at various changes and shots, which is unprecedented. He definitely has the ability to become a future traffic star. And considering the Spurs’ protection of him, we can be sure that he will have a place in the future league.

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Alexander is currently the Thunder’s non-sale item, and he has become a top scorer, averaging 30 points per game. Although his three-pointer still needs to be improved, he still has a lot of room for growth at the age of 25. The Thunder’s ability to cultivate stars is obvious to all. Durant, Westbrook, and Harden are all products of the Thunder. Under the Thunder’s system, Alexander is expected to become a historical-level superstar.

The 22-year-old Edwards already has an average of 24 5 4 data, and there is definitely more potential in his future development. His talent and potential are limitless. In contrast, Towns may have reached his ceiling, and the Timberwolves now pay more attention to Edwards’ development.

Edwards performs well on both offense and defense. He can score key points in the game and has shown his strong scoring ability in the playoffs. Edwards has the qualities to become a top superstar. His ceiling is higher in the next three years, and Edwards’ era has just begun.

Ja Morant and Four Other Young Players Who Will Be the Face of the NBA in the Next Three Years

Doncic is young but plays very maturely. He is a killer both in the NBA and in international competitions. Under the Mavericks’ system, Doncic has enough room for growth. His offensive ability can be further improved. As long as the team’s lineup is reasonable, the Mavericks are expected to become a dark horse in the Western Conference games in the next three years and have a better performance in the playoffs.

These are the five young players who are expected to become NBA face stars in the next three years. Morant continues to lead the trend with his rebellious style and commercial value; Yves Bamba becomes a future traffic star with his amazing potential and style of play; Alexander becomes the core figure of the Thunder and leads the team to greater achievements; Edwards has become a hot spot among young players; Doncic becomes an important scoring point for the Mavericks with his sophisticated skills and killer-like style of play.

These five players have outstanding talents and potentials. As long as they are given enough opportunities and development space, they will become the face stars of the future NBA and bring new vitality and charm to the league. Let us wait and see, witness the growth and brilliance of these five young players!

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