Sleep Quality: How much sleep do you need each day?

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Sleep is an important part of a healthy life. Adequate sleep helps to stay energized, think fast and cope with stress.

Sleep Needs

Most healthy adults need at least 7 hours of sleep each night. However, everyone’s sleep needs may be different. Some people may need less or more sleep.

Sleep Quality: How much sleep do you need each day?

Quality of Sleep

The quality of your sleep is just as important as how long you sleep. Waking up feeling energized and refreshed is more important than the exact number of hours of sleep.

How Sleep Quality Affects Health

Lack of sleep can negatively affect your health by increasing your risk of developing the following diseases

Heart disease
Mental health problems
Daytime fatigue
Age-related changes in sleep patterns

Sleep patterns can change with age. Older adults may find themselves waking earlier or more frequently during the night.

How to track sleep quality

Keeping a sleep diary can help you better understand the factors that affect your sleep. Monitoring factors such as bedtime, sleep environment and daily activities can provide valuable insights into improving sleep quality.


Understanding and prioritizing sleep quality as well as individual sleep needs is essential to maintaining health and well-being.

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