Arteta faces a tough decision as Jesus recovers from injury

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Gabriel Jesus, the Arsenal striker, has recovered from his knee injury and returned to training and reserve games. His comeback is a reason to celebrate for Arsenal, but it also raises a tough question for manager Mikel Arteta: should he stick with the lineup that has been on a winning streak or tweak his tactics to make room for Jesus?

Jesus’ knee injury was alarming, and he was out for 12 games last season and two games this season. An Arsenal insider said that his absence was difficult to deal with: “A team doesn’t depend on one player completely, but when a star player can’t play because of an injury, even for a short while, the club needs time to adapt.” Arteta also said that Jesus’ surgery was essential, and it will allow him to overcome his knee troubles for good.

There is a wise saying: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The fans are surely looking forward to seeing the return of a striker who netted 11 goals and set up eight in 33 games, but Arteta will probably be careful and not throw the 26-year-old into the fierce Premier League games.

On the other hand, Eddie Nketiah has risen to the occasion and showed everyone that Arsenal has depth in attack. He has also opened his scoring account for the season, making him a serious contender for Jesus’ starting spot. Moreover, Gedion Zelalem’s name is also often brought up, and the fans are keen to see the American international in an Arsenal shirt again.

Arteta faces a tough decision as Jesus recovers from injury

Although Zelalem’s future is not bound to Arsenal, with Chelsea, Monaco and Inter Milan all interested in the young talent, one thing is certain: Arsenal’s future is connected with Jesus, Nketiah and Zelalem, and there is a lot to be excited about.

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