Slovenia suffers another defeat, Doncic faces humiliation, proves he’s not a leader

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Slovenia suffered another defeat, and Luka Doncic faced humiliation. It proved that he’s not a leader. In the entire game, Doncic shot 7-of-21 from the field, 4-of-13 from beyond the arc, and scored 29 points, six rebounds, two assists and three steals. But Slovenia lost by 16 points.

Before the World Cup started, Doncic was ranked first on the FIBA player power rankings. He was viewed as the number one star of this World Cup.

Indeed, with Doncic’s performance in the NBA, he deserves the title of the first super giant. Unfortunately, basketball is a team sport. And this World Cup proved once again that Doncic can’t be a leader.

In the game against Canada, Doncic snapped before his teammates did. He kept complaining to the referee, although the referee did have some controversial calls. But his complaints backfired. In the end, he got two technical fouls and was ejected early. Ironically, after Doncic was ejected, Slovenia trimmed the deficit to single digits and saw hope of a comeback.

Slovenia suffers another defeat, Doncic faces humiliation, proves he’s not a leader

From the process of the game, Doncic’s style of play can be described as toxic. He played too slowly and had absolute ball control. Once he was targeted by the opponent, Slovenia’s offense was paralyzed. And facing the opponent’s double-team, Doncic’s shooting percentage was not high, resulting in a lot of bricks.

And on the court, Doncic was easily emotional, angry and temperamental. This is very fatal for a leader. A leader should be calm first. If he loses control himself, how can he motivate his teammates?

This game against Lithuania, the game entered garbage time in the fourth quarter. For the first star of the World Cup, this is naturally very humiliating. Perhaps Doncic should reflect on himself. Fortunately, he is very young and only 24 years old now.

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